You Are Perfect

“You are whole perfect and complete just the way you are and just the way you are not.”

~~ Centers for Spiritual Living

It’s true. You are perfect just the way you are and just the way you are not. Because you came into the world with you own uniqueness that is your greatest purpose and greatest place in this world.

Wait, what? “just the way that you are not”?

About 40 years ago when I first came into this work, there was a teacher who said that at the end of the service. And I thought “just the way I’m not? What do you mean, just the way I’m not?”

It means that I am okay. And I started to realize that with all my faux pas, all of my mistakes, all of the things that I had done, everything made me perfect in that moment.

I had tumultuous teenage years. I was kind of wild and crazy. Later on in life, I was running youth programs and there was a young man who was suicidal. He had a plan. He knew when he was going do it. He knew what he was going to do.

I realized that he was serious. I decided to sit down with him and look at him, and say, “You know what? Everything that’s happened in my life, especially the not so good things that happened to me in my life, brought me to this moment. To being here with you, just the way I am, and just the way I am not.

I was able to help him look at different options in different ways. And he decided to allow me to reach out to his family, and to help him make some lasting changes in his life.

Why was I able to connect with him that way?

Because of my imperfections. Because of my screw-ups. Because of the times that I felt like I wasn’t worthy of belonging, that things didn’t go my way. And every one of those things, every one of the missteps that I’ve taken, every time that something happened in my life that wasn’t good, all brought me to that moment.

And everything that’s happened to me since has brought me to this moment to be with you, in this moment, to remind you that you are perfect just the way you are, and just the way you are not.

In that same program, I used to play a lot of contemporary music for the kids. They would even let me get away with playing kids’ songs. Those kids are now young adults with families of their own. And they remember some of these songs, especially God Don’t Make Junk. If you’re not a G word kind of person, don’t let that stop you from hearing what the title says.

Everything in this life is perfect because there is no junk.

We all have made mistakes. Every mistake that you have made probably comes down to your lack of belief in yourself. There’s even a Universal Law about it, called the Law of Wholeness. I talk about it in chapter 12 of my book, Beyond The Box.

The Law of Wholeness

The only time you are outside of the law of wholeness is when you have forgotten who you are. That causes you to move into actions and situations, and draw in things that don’t necessarily support us in remembering and expressing our wholeness in the world.

Here’s a little practice.

It’s called an assessment list. It looks at everything that you have done that has brought you to this moment of being your whole perfect self.

For example, for me, that includes the time I ran away from school, the time I ran away from home. It also includes the time that I had to

Get home on time from the river and my girlfriends didn’t want to go so I went out and hitchhiked, and these guys picked me up. I talked them into a story and that let me out of the car, but then I was stranded.

It includes all of the things that you have done, whether you call them good or bad.

My mentor Mary Morrissey says nothing is bad until you call it bad. She heard somebody say that. Because if you say that you are open to this being good in your life, that you are open to seeing the blessing in it, you will see it. Maybe somebody will come into your life and need the same support that you would have loved to have had back then. And you made it through that.

Give it a try. This week, remember you are whole perfect and complete just the way that you are and just the way you are not.

Christi’s Clarity

This episode of Christi’s Clarity was released on March 24, 2023.

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