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Think of a time in your life when everything worked out like it was the coolest thing that ever happened to you.

That can be an important moment and an important energy for you to use in creating the life you love living.

Christi's Art- Sunflowers forever

This is one of many paintings I made of sunflowers in France. It’s actually about four feet tall.

Several years ago, I had the wonderful privilege to go to with a couple of other artists and stay in France and paint sunflowers, and just wander the countryside and drive around and visit little villages, and paint and paint and paint. I’m an artist and painter, so for me, that trip was a peak moment in time. Whenever I think about it, I’m  just so excited. It brought me the greatest joy. There were even rainy days when we went out and painted and hung out together. One of my favorite experiences in my life.

Why Am I telling you about this?

I invite you to think about a peak moment in your life. And I’ll share a tool for calling it to mind whenever you need inspiration in your life.

You can read more about taglines in chapter 12 of my book, Beyond the Box. That chapter talks about the Law of Compensation and composition, how to create the best composition for your life. It’s basically bringing all the principles in the book together.

The book uses the principles of art to describe the Principles of life. But you don’t need to be an artist to understand it. Every piece of art, including your life, has a composition that makes it work, that makes it all come together. When you create that composition intentionally, you can create the life you LOVE living.

If you want to see the rest of the tips and tools, watch the Christi’s Clarity replays on YouTube or Facebook that go step by step through my book.

I Call This Tool Your Tagline.

Remember a time in your life that was amazing. It can be a moment, or like mine, it can be a trip that lasted a week. Really immerse yourself in that moment of experience. Then see if you can distill one phrase that captures that feeling.

The phrase needs to be short. It needs to evoke a memory of a peak time in your life. A time when everything felt wonderful. My tagline is “painting sunflowers in France”. Every time I need inspiration or want to feel uplifted, I think, “Painting sunflowers in France”. That short phrase brings the whole peak experience to my mind, including how I made that trip happen for myself. Then no matter what is happening in my life, I remember that amazing time, it instantly raises my vibrational feeling.

Here’s How You Use This Tool.

Carry your tagline with you. It can be on the back of your business card, in your wallet, whatever works. Any time you need to change the frequency of your feelings, your vibrational frequency, any time you need to up the level and change it, pull out your tagline and take a moment to recall the experience to evoke the joy. Any time you’re feeling low, anytime you’re feeling inertia or like just not getting life that day, use your tagline to pull yourself out of the slump. Then you become a magnet that draws to you everything you need to create the life you love living, your best life.

When I read my tagline, I think, “Ah I remember that moment I’m  going to put on the feeling of painting sunflowers in France.” I remember all the details of that trip that were fantastic. What bliss. What joy. I can put that on and I think, now how can I look at my current situation and bring it to that frequency?

I will guarantee you this will change your life.

Here are some others that clients and friends came up with

  • Walking in Hyde Park
  • Holding hands with my beloved in Armstrong Redwoods
  • Walking up the steps to receive my diploma

What was your tagline?

What’s one moment or experience that was your ideal moment? It doesn’t need to be all of them. Choose one that can really help you in any situation to change your vibrational frequency.

Christi’s Clarity

This episode of Christi’s Clarity was released on March 31, 2023.

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