How I Discovered Miracles on Demand

Have you ever felt like you won the lottery? Not long ago, we got a phone call that felt like that. 

Where did this windfall of money come from?

Some people may say that it came from our inheritance. My husband’s parents died five, seven years ago and this was a payout of some kind of life insurance. There was no name attached to it. 

So where was this money and why did it come at that moment? 

I’m going to talk about how I created Miracles throughout my life and especially around this particular event. 

What created this Miracle Money coming into our lives? Was it that it just was time and it came around? Maybe it was sitting there all the time. We don’t even know because there were no facts that came with the money. Just a payout from a life insurance company, right? We had already received payouts five and seven years ago, so where is this coming from? What made it happen?

It was absolutely perfect timing.

During the pandemic, our son found his beloved and married her and they came to live with us. We had always thought we had a really nice lot backyard, and we’d always thought that someday we could build a granny unit. Now they call them ADUs, Accessory Dwelling Units. We had thought about it, and it looked like a good idea. We’d even contacted engineers and had done some research on it. But we hadn’t followed through on the idea. 

When our son got married, we wanted to help support them as they got started. And we decided that it’s time to build this ADU on our back lot. Occasionally my husband would ask where we were going to get the money. He works in public service, and we didn’t have the extra money sitting in our in our back pocket. So we wondered where we would get the money. We got enough money to get started on the project. We hired an architect. We found a contractor. We had the estimate of what the project would cost and we were kind of freaking out a little bit. 

One of things that I have learned from all of my studies is to leave no stone unturned.

Do everything possible to see how you can follow through with the project. I checked with lenders. I had a short-term loan in place if we needed it. But that was a little scary. It’s like those one-year loans that if you don’t pay it off in one year, there’s a big penalty. 

I reminded myself that this is a divine idea. I felt it in my bones. I knew this was our next step. So, we moved forward and anytime we had doubt, I’d say, “Doubt out, faith in.” But we didn’t start any work until we had the money. We held the consciousness, the vibrational frequency of it being done. There’s a great ethnos. The root word of enthusiasm. That’s a key component to manifesting.

In the next several blogs, I’m going to talk about how to discover for yourself the Miracle System.

When that phone call came out of the blue about the money, I knew it was because we had all of the steps in place to create miracles. But at that time, I didn’t know what those steps were. I just knew that over my life, this kind of thing happens around big projects. Like traveling the world for a year with my husband. Going to a very expensive private art school and coming out debt-free, and so many various things that had happened to me. Miracles like meeting my husband and adopting our son

I wondered why I can create big miracles like this, and not everyday miracles.

Really, if I look back on my life, I see that I did create everyday miracles, but it didn’t feel like it was on-demand like these big miracles with big money for big projects. That money we received was twice as much as we needed to build that ADU. That’s a lot of money. It was a miracle that the money came out of the blue like that. So I called one of my mentors to discuss it. We reverse engineered the miracles in my life; that’s how I codified the system to create miracles on demand.

I discovered seven steps to creating miracles.

These steps are tried and true. But how do you learn them and how do you apply them so that they are your natural way of being? 

Over the next 7 sessions, I’ll cover the seven steps to Manifesting Miracles as they were downloaded to me, and I have now been both teaching them and practicing them. 

If you want to know more about my courses on Miracle Manifesting, click here.

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You might look at the steps and think you know it, but if your life doesn’t reflect it, you only know ABOUT it. You need to internalize it and live it in order to create miracles in your life on-demand.

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