Miracle Manifesting Step 1 – Vision

I bet you’ve created a vision board or a vision for yourself.

Visions and Vision Boards can create really great results. But why does everybody tell you to do them?

How well has your vision or vision board worked for you?

If you find your results lacking, I have tips to get better outcomes.

I have been helping people design visions and the steps that it takes that really help them create the life that they love.

If you’ve watched the last few Christi’s Clarity videos, you saw me talk about the seven steps to miracle manifesting.

Step number one is Vision.

Your Vision is based in the root chakra. If you think about creating the life that you really want to live, it’s the from the ground up, just like you’d build a garden or a home.

You can create a Vision that is exponentiated, one that is greater than you’ve ever created before.

There are six more steps to manifest your Vision in your life.

Once you learn these seven steps and get them inside of you, they become second nature to you, and you start manifesting Miracles everywhere. I’ve seen this happen over and over again.

Step number one is Vision. Create your Vision to the power Love to exponentiate the vision in a greater way .

How do you do that?

Ask yourself, what would you like your life to look like in three to five years?

If there were no excuses and nothing could hold you back and someone could wave a magic wand, what would it look like?

That creates an exponential aspect of visioning.

Then you need to read it every day as if it is already true, as if it is happening as your life. Really feel it, see it, taste it. Whatever senses make it the most real for you. Read it from a belief that it already is taking place. Make it simple enough to read; don’t get bogged down in more detail than you need to get the feeling of Joy when you read it.

Every morning you need to spend some time focusing on your Vision. Here’s part of my vision statement: I’m so happy and grateful now that I am the woman who leads travel groups three times a year.

TO be effective, your vision needs to feel as if it’s already happening, as though you are telling a friend about it happening.

Here’s an expansion of my vision:

I was sitting on my terrace at our wonderful location. I could feel the cool wind on my face and I could see the sun beaming down. From my terrace, I watched as the people in my Italian tour group arrived for our retreat in Italy. I watched as they arrived and greeted and met each other.

Include all of those kinds of things that help you feel it as happening. Spend five to 25 minutes a day putting on that Vision so you can steep yourself in that frequency

Like brushing y our teeth, you can’t do this once and expect it to be effective.

You need to do it every day consistently. You can even do it at night as you fall asleep if you want to accelerate your results.

How many days do you need to do this?

The standard belief is 21 days. Because yes you can choose to stop a simple habit, like biting your nails, in 21 days. But if you want to really displace your old beliefs that have been holding you back, or other people’s ideas of what you should do in life, then it’s going to take 90 days with consistency.

My mentor, Mary Morressi, gave us a challenge of reading four chapters of a book every day for 90 days. She said, if you miss a day, you start that 90 day count over.

Try it out and see if you start to feel like you BECOME it, rather than know ABOUT it. Because that’s where the miracle happens.

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