Miracle Manifesting Step 3

Have you ever said these kinds of things to yourself?

“When I get these things done, then I’m going to live the life of my dreams.” “I need to get my money handled before I live the life of my dreams.” “I need to exercise before I can be healthy.” “I’ve tried applying for the job that I really want.” And so on – all those things that stop you.

As I’ve mentioned before, I had a download around how to create the Miracles in my life. I had created big money miracles all the time, and I wanted to figure out how to create them in my everyday life for smaller things, on-demand. Somehow these miracles would just happen. So I did some deep work and I discovered the system of seven steps to create small miracles in your life.

I’ve been covering those steps. Step number 1 is creating a vision. Step number 2 is to add sparkle to that vision to create the vibrational frequency of what you want. Today we’re on step #3, about the places you get stuck.

How do you get stuck? Where do you get stuck?

It’s a hard place to tell because most of us try to solve our problems at the level of the problem. It’s hard to look objectively from outside of the problem to see what’s stopping you. You might look at your bank account and say, “I’m overdrawn. I’m going to have to go and change the situation at the bank. I’m going to have to go out and work more. I’m going to have to…”

But the answer is not found in any of these. Yes, you’ve got to do those practical things. You’ve got to take care of business. But then do you say, “I’ve tried that. I’ve tried everything. And I’m still having this problem.”

I know you’ve tried solving the problem at the level that it was created. And it can’t be solved at the level it was created. Just fixing the circumstance, putting enough money in the bank account isn’t enough. It will happen again.

How do you get un-stuck?

But if you really want to change and get unstuck, then you have to examine your thinking inside, and find out what’s holding you back. What are your subconscious beliefs? That’s where I start with people so they begin to really understand what is running them and their thoughts, and so their circumstances. It’s like malware that needs to be rooted out and cleaned up.

You don’t really notice your subconscious thoughts. You don’t pay conscious attention to them. Sometimes that a good thing, like when you’re driving or brushing your teeth. You can go on automatic for those things once you have enough experience.

How do you change your circumstances?

To begin changing your circumstances, you need to dig up those subconscious thoughts so you can see what they are. But mostly do that so you know how it feels. Then when you want to get unstuck, you eventually say hmm I have my vision, step number one. It’s got all the sparkle on it. Is my feeling or situation or circumstances moving me in the direction of my vision, or is it taking me away that’s taking me away?

If it’s moving you in the direction of your vision, then absolutely move in that direction. If not, something underneath is in the way.

Just ask yourself whenever a feeling, thought, or action comes up, ask yourself, is this moving me in the direction of where I want to go?

If you want to go in the direction of what brings you life, toward living your life as a Masterpiece, then you need to find the steps that go in the direction of your vision and be willing to get unstuck.

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