Miracle Manifesting Step 4

“Why am I the great exception?”

Have you ever said that to yourself? Or maybe you’ve said, “They’re lucky and I’m not.”

You are not the great exception. If they can do it, you can do it.

There is a system to manifest Miracles.

There are seven steps, and I teach a course on it. But today I’m giving you step 4 with some of the helpful hints to help you create small miracles in your own life.

Step number 4 – You are the Divine in expression.

What is your first thought when I say that?

Frequent reactions to that Truth are:

  • No I’m not. I can’t be that good.
  • That’s a lot to live up to.
  • I’m not omnipotent.

Whether you call it Buddha, Goddess, God, the Divine, the words all point to the same thing. You are made in the image and likeness of that supreme Power. You were not sent here as a mistake. You were sent here by something beyond our limited awareness. You have the opportunity to walk on this amazing planet because you are the creativity of the Divine.

You are the creation of the Divine.

You are living out the dreams of the Divine. And if you’re doing anything else, it’s dis and the Divine.

So if you are stuck, ask yourself,

  • What would the Divine do here?
  • What would God do here?

There’s a great story about this.

There was a monastery that was getting smaller and smaller. New people weren’t joining. The monks were all wondering what they could do about it. One of the head monks decided to ask the Abbott. They had tea together and prayed together. The monk told the Abbot about the problem. The Abbot said that it was happening everywhere. The monk asked the Abbott if he had any answers to the problem.

The Abbott told him that he had no answers, but that one of the monks is the Christ.

The monk went back to the monastery and shared the Abbott’s news that one of them is the Christ. They all looked at each other, wondering who it was. One thought that it can’t be brother John because he’s so cranky and ornery. But what if he is? I better start treating him like the Christ. They were all wondering who it was. They thought of each other, each with their own weird little faux pas, thinking he’s not the Christ, but I better treat him like he is, just in case. And then each monk thought, what if I’m the Christ and I don’t even realize it? I better start acting like the Christ.

And soon, people were drawn to the monastery, picnicking on in their beautiful grounds. Young men started coming and talking to the monks to find out about what was happening there to make the place so special and magnetic. Many of those young men joined the order, where they continued to treat each other and themselves as though they might be the Christ. The order grew in numbers.

So if you realized your own Divinity as a manifestation of some greater power Universal Power, it changes everything around you. Science is proving this kind of thing about the connection between spirituality and science.

So what’s the moral of the story?

You are an expression of the Divine. Start acting that way.

What can you do today to know that you are the Divine in expression? How would your life begin to change if you believed that?

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