Miracle Manifesting Step 6

Today’s my art day. I love making art! For me, painting is the sparkle in my life. It adds joy and enthusiasm to my being.

Step 6 of Miracle Manifesting is ethnos.

Ethnos came to me during this amazing download that I had where I discovered the seven steps to creating Miracles. Ethnos is the root word of enthusiasm. But it means of the Divine or the Divine in expression.

Start to  look at everything you do as coming from the enthusiasm of knowing that God is expressing itself through life – in my, in your life.

You can use meditation to develop that enthusiasm, and you can develop your intuition through the feeling of the ethnos. All of those things help you create Miracles in your life.


Practice walking through life with the enthusiasm of what you love to do. Another way to say that is enjoy whatever you are doing today. If you love to garden, then do it wholeheartedly. If you love being with your kids, be there wholeheartedly. Even when you’re doing things you don’t like to do, still do it with enthusiasm, and know that somehow your action is in service to you and the world. Try it out. Practice adding enthusiasm to everything that you do and see if it shifts your thinking and your vibrational frequency.

Christi’s Clarity

This episode of Christi’s Clarity was released on May 26, 2023.

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