Miracle Manifesting Step 7

So maybe you’ve done the first 6 steps of manifesting miracles, and what you wanted still hasn’t happened. Now what?

Step number 7 — just do it.

This step might be the most important. It’s Nike’s phrase. What do I mean in this context by “Just do it”?

Here’s an example of step 7.

Many years ago, I helped a young woman who was about to graduate from high school. She told me that she would really love to go to Hawaii to celebrate her graduation. I told her to go for it. Do it! She told me all the reasons that she didn’t think it was possible. Her mom worked really hard, but didn’t have the money to send her. She hadn’t seen her dad in years. She just didn’t see how it could happen. I told her to look at it as an experiment. This was way back in the day when you could book a plane reservation and hold it for three days. So I told her to book her trip to Hawaii. She wanted her girlfriends to go with her, so I said to start telling them that you’re going and book the hotel. I said that she didn’t have to make any commitment right now, but book the flight and hotel. So she did all of that. The next day, she came back to me and said that her friends were going, and their parents were paying their way. She was sad because she started the whole thing, and her friends were excited, but she just didn’t have any way to pay for it and thought that she wouldn’t be able to go.

I told her not to get discouraged, but instead to keep that energy up and believe that you will go. Imagine what’s it going to be like to be in Hawaii. So she did and the next day she came to me so excited! She said, “Oh my gosh, Christi! You’re not going to believe it!” I said, “I’m going to believe it.” She told that even though she had not seen her dad in five years, he called her the day before, knowing she was about to graduate from high school. He apologized for not being in touch for so long, and asked what she wanted for her graduation present. She answered that she wanted a trip to Hawaii. And he gladly paid for the airplane ticket and hotel reservation. If she had not had that Vision so clearly in her mind, she might have asked for a new graduation dress or nice shoes for the walk across the stage, or the prom. Ir would have been something that fit what she thought was possible.

Act as if.

That’s why it’s important to just do it. To act as if. Now if you don’t have the money, these days you are not able to make a plane reservation and hold it for 3 days. But you can imagine the trip. You can feel what it would be like to be there. And when the opportunity arises, it will be in your mind, ready to take action. It puts you in that mode of forward-moving action toward what you would love in your life. I also actually notifies the universal Law what you want. When you are a person who is moving in the direction of what you want in your life, unseen forces help you move in that direction.


Ask yourself what actions you can take toward the life you would love. What can you start to put into place if you believed that it’s possible?

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