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Desire is not just wanting something, it is the pull of the Universe to become what we came here for. ~ Christi Corradi

Interested in hosting a 2 hour Armchair Intro Gathering?

It's an informal gathering at your home or office,

where I share my work of Mastering the Art of Life

with your friends and like-minded people!

What I will Do:

Create a flyer for you for your event.

Send a checklist of action items to make your event successful.

Send you social media posts that you can use to invite your people.

Invite a few people in your area who I know.

Coordinate with you on how you would like to have your friends to register for your event.

Do a check in to find out what your friends' hot topics are so I can meet their needs specifically.

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What You Will Do:

Set a date that works for us both.

Invite friends to your home using the flyer, emails and social media posts we send you.

Ask your friends what they most want to discuss.

Do personal reach-outs to friends who you think will be interested.

If you want to offer refreshments, arrange that.

Who It's For

I know that there are countless people praying for some kind of help in up-leveling their lives in Health, Relationships, Career and Time Money Freedom. I’m sure that you must know some. And I would love your help in reaching them to see if what I have to offer is a good fit for them.

This work is about more than a goal to lose weight or find the right love relationship. As you know, my work is getting to the root of the issue. It’s about learning and understanding the way to create lasting results in our lives by changing the foundational conditions of our lives - habits, limiting beliefs, and self-judgement, etc.

Also, if someone doesn’t know what their inner Masterpiece is, I help them discover it. Then I help them learn what roadblocks are that keep them from expressing that Masterpiece in the world and transform them. And I help them to bringing their inner Masterpiece into being.

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What Your Guests Will Get:

Your friends will receive great value in this fun, low-key way for people to learn about what I do and whether they’re ready for this kind of work in their life. If we’re a good fit, I can offer a program that helps them make the shifts they desire in their lives.

2 interactive, creative hours of massive value.

Tips about their hot topics.

For those who find value and want to continue with me, I will let them know what I offer and set up times to talk to them during the week following your event.

Click here to see the Armchair Intros for participants page.

What You Get

Choose from:

  • 10% of any registrations as a result of your day (does not including renewals).
  • Free admission to one of my half-day workshops during the year.
  • 10 vouchers for VIP pricing at one of my events to give to your friends and peers.


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