Who created the box anyway?

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Santa Rosa, CA

I have spent the last 3 months working with Christi, She is just phenomenal at getting you to re-focus on the Truth, and helping you to use the tools that are in front of you to build a life you would love. I highly recommend Christi. She's got great acumen, a loving heart, and is so generous with her time, and wonderful to work with.



Healdsburg, CA

I’m typically the type of person who likes to take things in and learn things by myself. Maybe buy a book or something.

I didn’t realize what a huge advantage it is to have a support group as well as the guidance of Christi on a regular basis. So now I have these tools, and then I have the regularity of a scheduled checking in, and saw myself always looking forward to that, and there always being a reset button. If I’ve fallen off for having a difficult time, it was right back on. And there was that support and that guidance right away. That really makes all the difference.


Melissa with her first son


San Diego, CA
I was a victim. And I’ve been a victim for years, and that’s how I’ve always seen myself. And for the first time in my life, I’m not a victim. I’m actually creating my life. It’s a very humbling experience. Eye-opening. … I just feel like grabbing everybody by the shoulders and shaking them, and saying ‘Look! You CAN do this! You CAN make your life! If your dream career, your dream job is not out there, if it’s not a labeled job you can create your job. You CAN create your life.’


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Here's What You Get in this powerful 4-week course:

4 Weekly Video Lessons

Weekly lessons as video and audio with Christi Corradi, the author of Beyond the Box: Creative Thinking Expended and The Creative Way in 5 Minutes a Day.

Learn a new powerful, practical tool each week, along with learning why it works so effectively to create the life you would LOVE to live.

Christi expands the lessons in the book, and talks about applying the principles in your life. Recording of each call sent to your In Box.

What I appreciate about you most in the coaching calls is your ability to turn a thought on a dime. It barely comes out of my mind and you say stop, breath and then ask me to re-frame it. It is incredible how I feel when I begin with “I am a woman who…” — Jeanie L, Business manager 


BONUS: Passport to Prosperity

Do you say any of these statements to yourself?

  • Money doesn’t grow on trees.
  • You have to work hard to make money.
  • I don’t deserve money when others have so little.
  • Rich people are greedy and selfish
  • Getting rich might be easy for other people, but not me.
  • It’s more important to be happy than to be rich.

Watch this 4-part video series, to discover the 4 keys or "Visas" to go from financial struggle to Financial Freedom.

What's the Book and the Class About?


Beyond the Box goes even further than out-of-the-box thinking.

Who created the box anyway? It is one of the very hidden and underlying paradigms from which we operate. There are perceived protocols of how to be, who to become, and what rules to live by.

I share a concept I call Creative Thinking Expanded.

If you look up the definition of Creative Thinking, it means “to think thoughts you have never thought before.”

Creative Thinking Expanded is combining new ways of thinking – thoughts you haven’t thought before – and adding the Universal Laws, also called the Universal Principles.


What are Universal Principles?

These are the immutable laws that exist and run us even when we don’t know it. Just like the Laws of Physics they are invisible, gravity for example, yet we are always under the effect of them.

It is the same with Universal Law. Many people have heard of the Law of Attraction, especially from the book and the movie The Secret. It says that what we pay attention to we create.


How Many Universal Laws Are There?

There is only one Universal Law, but many different aspects of it, and we can learn from each aspect and apply them to our lives. The one Universal Law can be described as Oneness, Wholeness, or Love.

When we learn and apply these Principles to Creative Thinking, there is no box, there is no limitation, and we begin to create a life of expansion, joy, and fulfillment beyond our wildest dreams.

About the Author

Christi Corradi takes a generous, heart-centered approach to life, embracing each day with gusto and passion, and living the principles she teaches. Seeing life as an expansive canvas for creativity, she loves helping people express their own personal masterpiece — the manifestation of the best version of themselves.

Through her life-transforming program Mastering The Art of Life, Christi guides others to harness universal laws that sustain positive personal change. She uses proven self-discovery methods that open you to your infinite potential, inner faith, and self-love, while stopping limiting self-doubt and fear.

Her most recent approach to guiding personal growth and fulfillment is Intuitive Wisdom Sessions, where she taps into her intuition and art skills to help people find where they are stuck, find their own answers, step into their potential — and live their wildest dreams.

Life is fun and meant to be celebrated! Christi Corradi is the author of The Creative Way in 5 Minutes a Day, a program to awaken creative thinking with a daily practice. She is an international speaker and leads transformational small groups to foreign countries for fun and fulfillment.

Christi brings more than three decades in the field of personal development as an Art Therapist, Certified Life Mastery Consultant, and award-winning Transformation Life Coach. She lives with her family in the San Francisco North Bay, and works with groups and individuals around the world. She also sells and exhibits her artwork.

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