Miracle Manifesting Step 7

Blog-2023-6-2-MM step 7

So maybe you’ve done the first 6 steps of manifesting miracles, and what you wanted still hasn’t happened. Now what? Step number 7 — just do it. This step might be the most important. It’s Nike’s phrase. What do I mean in this context by “Just do it”? Here’s an example of step 7. Many…

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Miracle Manifesting Step 6

Today’s my art day. I love making art! For me, painting is the sparkle in my life. It adds joy and enthusiasm to my being. Step 6 of Miracle Manifesting is ethnos. Ethnos came to me during this amazing download that I had where I discovered the seven steps to creating Miracles. Ethnos is the…

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Miracle Manifesting Step 5

Blog-2023-5-19-Miracle Manifesting Step 5

Stand guard at the portal of your mind. Ralph Waldo Emerson I would “and your mouth”. Don’t let anything cross those lips that you don’t want to create. There’s a system to creating small miracles in your life. Step number 5 of Miracle Manifesting is Truth. Whether you believe in chakras or not, just see…

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Miracle Manifesting Step 3

Have you ever said these kinds of things to yourself? “When I get these things done, then I’m going to live the life of my dreams.” “I need to get my money handled before I live the life of my dreams.” “I need to exercise before I can be healthy.” “I’ve tried applying for the job…

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Miracle Manifesting Step 2

Christi's Clarity video still image 4-28-2023

I am so happy and grateful now that I am creating the life that I love! If you say it like Eeyore, then you are eating thistles and looking for all the bad in life. I love Eeyore and I love what he taught us as children. But is that how you manifest miracles in…

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Miracle Manifesting Step 1 – Vision

Christi's Clarity video still image 4-21-2023

I bet you’ve created a vision board or a vision for yourself. Visions and Vision Boards can create really great results. But why does everybody tell you to do them? How well has your vision or vision board worked for you? If you find your results lacking, I have tips to get better outcomes. I…

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How I Discovered Miracles on Demand

Image- 7 Steps to Create Miracles

Have you ever felt like you won the lottery? Not long ago, we got a phone call that felt like that.  Where did this windfall of money come from? Some people may say that it came from our inheritance. My husband’s parents died five, seven years ago and this was a payout of some kind…

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Your Tagline

Think of a time in your life when everything worked out like it was the coolest thing that ever happened to you. That can be an important moment and an important energy for you to use in creating the life you love living. This is one of many paintings I made of sunflowers in France.…

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