Intentional Gratitude

hand made heart

What does the word “Rich” mean to you? And what does it have to do with Intentional Gratitude? The book The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles, written at the turn of the last century describes “rich” as more than just money. It’s about the quality of life. He describes a code that leads…

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Are You Living By Design or By Default?

The bulbs that lay dormant in the darkness of winter, waiting to sprout. The rosebushes will soon begin producing their buds. We are part of that natural cycle. But, we tend to forget. We think of ourselves as being outside of or apart from the natural rhythm of nature. I am not saying we are on an…

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I Used to Be A Trouble-Maker

I used to be a troublemaker… in school that is. I was a talker. And I was constantly getting in trouble for talking to people and being disruptive. I was continually being moved from seat to seat so the teacher could “help” me be less distracted and distracting.   My two favorite subjects: Recess and…

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