The Creative Way

Stop dreaming about your life as a masterpiece...

Begin creating it!

The Creative Way

Learn to use the elements of art and life

to design and create your life as a masterpiece!

The Creative Way is for you if...

... you're ready to discover your own inner Masterpiece.

... You’re ready to create a different result in your life.

... You’re tired of living the same year over and over again.

... you can’t figure out why other people can create circumstances that look amazing and lucky.

... you’ve had success in your life, and you’re ready to take it to the next level.

... you’re ready to eradicate self-sabotage and have bullet-proof self-confidence.

You're ready for more

Here's How It Works


The Creative Way is a 12-week program that uses Elements of Art and Life to guide you through how to Create your life as a Masterpiece!

Part 1 - Design

Discover what your inner Masterpiece is

and create your personal sketch of how to get there.


Week 1 - What's the Point?

We use the element of POINT to determine where we are and where we want to go. Don't know what that is? This is where you clarify that.


Week 2 - Line: the Walking Dot

We use the element of LINE to design the path to get from where we are now to where we want to be.


Week 3 - Shape It Up!

We use the element of SHAPE to create a shape or mold to pour our vision into.


Week 4 - Color My World

We use the element of COLOR to bring powerful emotion and passion to our dream to bring our vibration into alignment in order to move forward.

Part 2 - Critique

Discover and remove roadblocks

so you can enlarge your idea of what's possible.

Week 5 - Value

We use the element of VALUE to discover and clarify our personal Core Values and increase our self-value in order to create our life more in alignment with them.


Week 6 - Form

We use the element of FORM to reveal how we have been limiting ourselves and expand our current container for our life so we can live larger and better.


Week 7 - Texture

We use the element of TEXTURE to find out where we might be leaking energy in our life, so we can start plugging those leaks.


Week 8 - Perspective

We use the element of PERSPECTIVE to discover where we might be living our life through someone else's vantage point, and learn to have a different viewpoint in order to give ourselves a more life-giving perspective.


Part 3 - Create

Take action to create your life as a Masterpiece!


Week 9 - Balance

We use the element of BALANCE to examine 6 areas of our life where we might need to shift our life balance in order to live our life as a Masterpiece.


Week 10 - Rhythm

We use the element of RHYTHM to create a new rhythm or pattern of thinking, being and acting that is more in alignment with the Masterpiece we are creating.


Week 11 - Emphasis

We use the element of EMPHASIS to learn how to focus our attention with our words and thoughts in the direction of our intention so that our life shows up more how we want it.


Week 12 - Composition

We use the element of COMPOSITION to bring it all together to celebrate our Masterpiece, decide where to fine-tune it. Or discover what our NEXT Masterpiece will be!

Here's What You Get

Creative Way part 1 cover

The Creative Way in 5 Minutes a Day workbook

The Creative Way in 5 Minutes a Day Workbook, by Christi Corradi, is a unique and powerful program designed to guide you to discover and use your creative and intuitive nature.

Even if you think you are not creative!

Have intuitive flashes of insight more often with this fun daily 5-minute practice!

Each template uses images designed to support and nurture your creativity and expression. Using the Creative Way on a regular basis will teach you to extend your creative thinking to every project and situation in your life. Ultimately, this creative practice will allow you to walk through life in the Creative Way!

The workbook provides a creative practice that will assist you throughout the day!

Weekly Lessons

Weekly lessons from the author of The Creative Way in 5 Minutes a Day workbook, Christi Corradi, sent right to your In Box!

Learn a new principle of art and life each week and apply it to you life! Your weekly recordings average 20 to 30 minutes each.

Christi expands the lessons in the workbook, and talks about applying the principles in your life.

Simple, expressive, inspirational tools will unleash your creativity, and assist you to develop a creative practice, and unlock a systematic process that will move you forward in your quest for a life of discovery and wonder.


Sample from one of the lessons

Christi Corradi speaking closeup
Christi at computer

Group Coaching Calls

Full-hour group coaching calls with Christi.

During these calls you receive:

Mentorship from Christi by bringing your roadblocks, challenges, and "boogeymen" for Christi to help you move past!

Even if you choose not to ask a question on a particular call, someone else may ask for laser coaching with Christi and the discussion can bring you the answers that you need.

Accountability - You send your vision to Christi, and she will work with you to make sure that you are taking steps in the direction of your dream. If you are a procrastinator, you will appreciate this type of support.

Peer Support - Knowing that you are in a group with others on the same journey can be priceless in those moments when you are feeling stuck or alone. The group's energy increases everyone's progress.

What I appreciate about you most is your ability to turn a thought on a dime. It barely comes out of my mind and you say stop, breath and then ask me to re-frame it. It is incredible how I feel when I begin with “I am a woman who…” — Jeanie L, Business manager

Optional for Facebook Users

Private Facebook Group: Creative Community

The private Facebook group gives you another platform for Peer Support with your fellow Creative Thinkers in the program.

Christi will share inspirations, insights and your homework for the week.

You are welcome to post your breakthroughs and challenges, and support one another as you journey to your life as a Masterpiece!

Creative Community picture


Sketch Your Life Session

A 30-minute one-on-one session with Christi to sketch out or clarify your personal vision of your life as a masterpiece.

It is the best way to determine where you are now, and where you want to be; to create the vision of your life as a Masterpiece!

This $250 value is yours when you join the Creative Way program!

Sarah-one of Christi's clients


Christi with surprise

Prosperity the Creative Way

An 8-minute video that can change how your think about prosperity.

Learn 3 practical tools to experience more abundance in your life.

Hear Christi's kindergarten version of Quantum Physics, and how it relates to creating the life you LOVE!

Video and worksheet


My Flying Leap

Listen to Christi's life-changing story.

Christi was at the top of a set of stairs. As she took that first step, suddenly a negative thought distracted her.

Suddenly, she was flying through the air, 8 feet off the ground. As the audience prepared to call an ambulance, Christi, still in mid-air, used the power of her thought to prevent serious injury.

Cat in flight

What can you expect?

A clearer vision for your life. And beginning to live your life as a masterpiece.

This 90-day program gives back as much as you put into it, and more.

I commit to working with you to make your life the masterpiece you dream of!

Are you ready to live your life as a


How will you feel one year from now

if you are living the same results?

Ready to make that change?

Then click the button to get started now!

What People Are Saying


I have spent the last 3 months working with Christi, She is just phenomenal at getting you to re-focus on the Truth, and helping you to use the tools that are in front of you to build a life you would love. I highly recommend Christi. She's got great acumen, a loving heart, and is so generous with her time, and wonderful to work with.

Melissa and son

I was a victim. And I’ve been a victim for years, and that’s how I’ve always seen myself. And for the first time in my life, I’m not a victim. I’m actually creating my life. It’s a very humbling experience. Eye-opening. … I just feel like grabbing everybody by the shoulders and shaking them, and saying ‘Look! You CAN do this! You CAN make your life! If your dream career, your dream job is not out there, if it’s not a labeled job you can create your job. You CAN create your life.’


I’m typically the type of person who likes to take things in and learn things by myself. Maybe buy a book or something.

I didn’t realize what a huge advantage it is to have a support group as well as the guidance of Christi on a regular basis. So now I have these tools, and then I have the regularity of a scheduled checking in, and saw myself always looking forward to that, and there always being a reset button. If I’ve fallen off for having a difficult time, it was right back on. And there was that support and that guidance right away. That really makes all the difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the class?

Start any time. You will receive 1 lesson each week for 12 weeks.

We'll invite you to 2 coaching calls per month during the program (6 calls total) on Thursdays at 5pm Pacific/ 8 pm Eastern.

What if I miss a call?

No worries! You will receive a recording of each of our calls while you are in the program.

What are the group coaching calls like?

Christi checks in with each member, and offers laser coaching. That means you bring your question or challenges, and Christi lasers in on it to help you through what you are stuck or struggling with.

Do I have to speak up on the coaching calls?

No. Someone else may ask the same or similar question you have. We are a supportive group, all on the same journey. So it's a safe place to share your struggle. And, if you choose to speak up, you will get a lot more out of the call and the program.

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