Genius Is Your Birthright PLUS

Miracle L.A.B.

L.A.B. = Living Abundantly and Brilliantly!

A 6-week exploration of your innate mental faculties for creating miracles

6 Tuesdays from 4:00 to 5:00 PM Pacific Time, June 13 thru July 18, 2023

Live online sessions will be recorded and available in your program library.


6 weekly audio recordings emailed and in your program library.

Genius Is Your Birthright 6 week Audio Course

Tap into your innate mental faculties to create the life you would LOVE!

You know that you have 5 senses.

Did you know that you have 6 mental faculties that can help you REALLY create the life you would LOVE?

Learn what they are and how to use them.

These are 6 invisible superpowers you were born with.

Explore, unlock, and strengthen them in this course!

You'll find:

I can't becomes I can

Stress, fear, doubt, and worry rarely exist any more.

Things just seem to magically work out for you, and "perfect timing" and "good luck" always seem to be on your side.


You’re able to intuitively evaluate the people and opportunities you encounter with speed and accuracy.
You easily move away from those that don’t serve your highest good, and TOWARD those that elevate your heart, mind and spirit.

Your relationships are deeper, richer and more fulfilling.
You magnetically attract your soulmate, your connections with your current partner, friends, and family grows deeper, and you develop new friendships with positive, heart-centered people quickly and easily.

You feel way more confident in your own skin.
You have the confidence to speak up for yourself and share yourself freely, as well as be open to others being their true, authentic selves with you.

We will reveal how you can access the full power of your 6 mental faculties

inside this program, Genius Is Your Birthright Plus Miracle LAB.

Genius Is Your Birthright Audio Program

6-week audio course sent to you email In Box (and in your library)

Here's What You Get

  • 6 audio lessons by Christi Corradi - emailed each Friday so you can listen over the weekend
  • a downloadable PDF workbook with daily drawing meditation templates
  • 6 live online sessions to augment your learning.
  • an online library of all your lessons and materials
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Christi Corradi

Christi Corradi takes a generous, heart-centered approach to life, embracing each day with gusto and passion, living the Principles she teaches. Seeing life as an expansive canvas for creativity, she loves helping people express their own personal masterpiece — the manifestation of the best version of themselves.

Through her life-transforming program Mastering The Art of Life, Christi guides others to harness universal laws that sustain positive personal change. She uses proven self-discovery methods that open you to your infinite potential, inner faith, and self-love, while stopping limiting self-doubt and fear.

In Christi's Intuitive Wisdom Drawing Sessions, she taps into her intuition and art skills to help people find where they are stuck, find their own answers, and step into their potential — and live their wildest dreams.

Life is fun and meant to be celebrated! Christi Corradi’s 2nd book is Beyond the Box; Creative Thinking Expanded. The book provides the tools and wisdom to create a foundation built on Universal Principles (instead of circumstances and conditions) which allows you to begin creating success in any arena of your life. She is an international speaker and leads transformational small groups to foreign countries for fun and fulfillment.

Christi brings more than four decades in the field of personal development, as an Art Therapist, Certified Life Mastery Consultant, and Award winning Transformation Life Coach. She lives with her family in the San Francisco North Bay, and works with groups and individuals around the world. She also sells and exhibits her artwork.

Imagine a world where negativity bounces off of you like teflon, and life becomes easier, more fulfilling and way more fun!

Flower painting by Christi Corradi


Your Imagination is possibly the most potent faculty you possess. Most people understand that their imagination exists, but they remain completely unaware of how to use its power to transform their life.

In this first audio lesson, I help you discover how to harness your imagination in ways that will advance you toward your goals, dreams and desires with lightening speed.


Your intuition speaks to you at a spiritual level, and it’s strongly connected to the realm of infinite consciousness, intelligence and awareness. It is when we are disconnected from our intuition that we feel "rudderless" in life.

But when you learn how to properly connect to this internal guidance system, I show you how to do, you’ll begin feeling more guided, purposeful, clear and confident about what direction to move in next, in any aspect of your life.

Butterfly drawing by Christi

The Will

stone steps painting by Christi Corradi

Your third mental capacity, will, is completely different than willpower. Willpower is inconsistent and forceful, while your will is used calmly and confidently.

Your will is your ability to stay focused on what you would love, instead of allowing your thoughts to be pulled toward what you DON’T want. Maintaining this connection to what it is that you desire, no matter what is going on around you, is the secret to masterful manifestation.


Most people think of memory in terms of recall. But would it surprise you to know that your memory actually works forwards AND backwards? Most human beings are never trained in how applying their forward memory can help support them in the pursuit of their dreams!

In this lesson, I reveal how to use your memory to “future pace” the results you want, so that you can then live into that vision for your future. We also guide you through how to play a mental game called “Back to the Future” that will help you take a quantum leap toward whatever it is that you desire quickly and easily.

Spirals painting by Christi Corradi


Christi's Art-CA Coast

There are two types of reason – “ordinary reason,” what most of us have been trained in, and then there’s “extraordinary reason,” which is what all highly successful people operate from, which is based on your infinite potential.

In this lesson, I share how you can apply extraordinary reason to build a life that’s based on the statement, “You become what you think about.”

You’ll also learn how working smarter (and not harder) is the secret to accomplishing more in less time, and with fewer resources!


Whether you realize it or not, you are actively using your faculty of perception in every moment of every day. Most people perceive without awareness, and therefore experience life as a series of uphill battles. But by shifting your perception, you will have the power to turn even the most overwhelming challenges into insignificant road bumps on the path toward living a life you love.

Once you master your perception, as I will show you how to do, you become truly unstoppable in life, and doorways of possibility open up around you in unprecedented and seemingly miraculous ways!

Heart painting by Christi Corradi

The Miracle L.A.B (Living Abundantly and Brilliantly)

Live Online 6 Tuesdays from 4:00 to 5:00 PM Pacific, June 13 thru July 18, 2023

Led by Sherry LaNeil Dufault

Sherry Laneil Dufault

Sherry LaNeil is an enthusiastic and energetic coach, trainer, and speaker who helps people discover and live their purpose while being true to themselves.

Her belief is that transitions don’t have to be disruptive but can instead be positive experiences of hope and joy. She works hand-in-hand with her clients developing strategies to manage transition and build resilience by identifying and utilizing their strengths to move forward. Sherry’s ultimate goal is to help people make life changes with confidence, courage, and creativity.

Sherry believes a positive attitude towards life and the ability to learn from failure are key to finding peace. She encourages others to take responsibility for their actions, thoughts, nutrition, physical activity, and relationships. Only by valuing and taking care of ourselves, can we create the positive energy and clarity needed to make the most of life and achieve a real feeling of being Vibrantly Alive!

Having over 30 years’ experience helping people reach success through utilizing their talents, Sherry’s mission is to guide people on the path to living a “Vibrantly Alive” life. Her joy is found through helping people find their joy and fulfillment while honoring their values and dreams. Sherry seeks to help people reimagine and shape their lives to bring them joy and vibrancy.

Now How I Unlock and Use these Superpowers?

Purchase the Genius Plus L.A.B. Course to explore these mental faculties and put them to use.

6 weekly audio lessons emailed to you and in your program library

Live online Miracle L.A.B. Dates: 6 Tuesdays FROM 4:00 TO 5:00 PM PACIFIC FROM June 13 thru July 18, 2023

Accelerate the results in every area of your life!

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