Sketch the Life of Your Dreams

If you've been struggling on your own to make progress toward the life you want to live, this half-hour session can help catapult you in the right direction.

What is it that holds you back? I bet you'll be surprised.

Design some steps to help you get un-stuck.

Get the kind of clearings and breakthroughs you've wanted to REALLY break free of limitations.

What people are saying

I focused on bringing a new relationship into my life, and to release my late husband. I love to reflect on the drawing Christi did for me when I am visioning what I would love in my life. Christi is a great listener. I felt safe and enjoyed her healing way, how she held space, and combined her creative side and mindset mastery.


San Francisco, CA

I was always self-guided in the past, but the results were hard and pain-staking. Christi helped me design a big move to another part of the country. I had actually given up on ever getting it. I was able to move to the place of my dreams in much less time than I ever thought possible.


Lori L
Pacific Northwest

Break Out of Stuck-ness!

Design a life you would love.

You can choose to look at your life as a whole, or focus on a goal such as:




Finances/ Abundance

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