Live Life of Your Dreams - Start with an Introductory Session

We are in a new normal.

What part of normal do you want to keep?

What part do you want to move beyond?

If you've been struggling on your own to make progress toward the life you want to live, this half-hour session can help catapult you in the right direction.

What is it that holds you back? I bet you'll be surprised.

Design some steps to help you get un-stuck.

Get the kind of clearings and breakthroughs you've wanted to REALLY break free of limitations.

If nothing changes in you, nothing changes in your life.

example of a Life Design drawing

Christi leads you through a simple proven process to uncover or "sketch" what's up for you right now in your life. Using her art and coaching skills, she intuitively sketches a custom image for you. Christi provides some practical, easy tools you can use to move toward your dream. She sends you a scan of the image, and you can continue to look at it to gain more insights.

NOTE: This sample session was in a group setting. Intro sessions are private.

What people are saying

Dale IWD cropped

I cannot even begin to tell you the meditative thought and focus this beautiful work of art has provoked in me and my experience. 

Simply put, it was and continues to be deeply moving on so many levels. Your talent should be displayed in galleries! I will cherish this personally original one-of-a-kind work of art.

Thank you.

With gratitude, Dale

Kate H

Kate Hellmers,

Strategic Executive Business Expert

Even though I have my own connection with the energetic world, I turn to Christi for my own clarity. My answers are always so obvious to me when I work with her. Christi's gift is that she is able to see people's blind spots.

Unlike others, her sessions are so much fun! Not only are they interesting, they are in living color. Everyone should work with Christi."

KH drawing 1


Family Counselor

Thank your Christi for helping my dream this morning. So excited and filled with gratitude. The image is shining, glowing, calling to me my vision of creating a Joyful Family Camp. I use it as my desktop wallpaper, and it keeps unfolding in meaning and inspiration.

I received another drawing that went deeper into my vision and revealed more about my next steps.

IWD image-Elisabeth-1
Sally Churgel

Sally Churgel,

A Call to Joy

“The image Christi drew for me revealed my internal divine mother holding my inner child, who had been feeling pretty needy lately. We brought home other parts of me to the divine mother.

I feel lighter, more clear and positive. If you have any part of you that needs to get clarity on some deeper stuff, I highly recommend a session with Christi.”

Intuitive Wisdom Drawing - Sally
Roberta Ryan

Roberta Ryan,

Business Coach

"Christi’s coaching and the image she created brought more understanding and awareness about an inner part of me that needed nurturing.

As the image emerged of a skinny, odd looking being I felt my heart open to her. Thank you, Christi. I appreciate your keen intuition and skills."

Intuitive Drawing - Roberta
Stef T

Stef T.

"When Christi showed me the drawing she created, I was immediately struck at how spot-on it felt to me. I felt as if the answers I was looking for were right in the picture she had drawn.

I felt listened to and at peace with my situation and I've revisited the drawing to meditate on it and use in my self-awareness practice."

Intuitive Drawing for Stef
Intuitive Drawing for Kathy-triplet

Kathy R.

"I am pretty successful in a tech kind of job, but I’m creative and want to move in that direction. I was terrified to give up the tech work and be able to live from my creative work. As soon as I saw Christi’s image, I shouted, “Of course, it is my triplet sisters. My family dynamics kept her from moving too far from the triplet system. It was revealing & healing. ”

Intuitive Drawing for Kathy-triplet

Break Out of Stuck-ness!

Design the Life You Would LOVE!

In this session, you can choose to look at your life as a whole, or focus on a goal such as:

  • Career
  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Finances/ Abundance
  • Time
  • Money
  • Freedom

Questions? Email me at Christi @ Mastering the art of life .com