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Join me for a live demonstration of an Intuitive Wisdom Session

See a session, and hear from a few people who’ve already done a session with Christi as they share the drawings she did for them and tell you about the results they got, which extended way beyond the session itself.

Everyone who’s experienced this has told her that it had a significant impact on them — that led to meaningful transformation.

Check out this new exciting approach that can help you open up and create your life as a masterpiece!

part of an Intuitive Wisdom Session image
part of an Intuitive Wisdom Session image

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Or email me to ask to join us on Zoom.

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What is an Intuitive Wisdom Session?

Have you ever wanted a crystal ball to consult about your life?

Well, here’s your chance to see inside yourself with crystal clarity.

Intuitive Wisdom Sessions offer you a new way to tap into your inner knowing so you can get unstuck from whatever it is that’s holding you back.

This unique process — equal parts intuition, creativity, and connection — opens you up and helps you move beyond what seems to be an obstacle so you can create your life as the masterpiece it was meant to be!

And in this session, I do the drawing for you, so no worries there!

How does an Intuitive Wisdom Session work?

Each session is 60 minutes and we meet one-on-one via Zoom.

You talk about area(s) in your life that are not working as well as you would like. I ask you questions and we explore your situation, thoughts, and feelings.

I guide you through the entire process —

clarifying what you want to explore, drawing out of you more about the situation, and helping you go deeper.

While we are talking, I connect to your intuition, and begin to draw as I listen. What emerges is an intuitive drawing that’s unique to you.

Part of an image from an INtuitive Wisdom Session

What Clients Are Saying About Intuitive Wisdom Sessions

Christi’s coaching and the image she created brought more understanding regarding a recent awareness about an inner part of me that needed nurturing. As the image emerged of a skinny, odd looking being I felt my heart open to her. Thank you, Christi. I appreciate your keen intuition and skills. - Roberta Ryan, Business Coach

I really feel that this was a good process. Very opening and healing. It allowed for insight. I like the visual component you created. You bring not only your wisdom and insight, but you are good at holding space for me. Any work I do with you has massive value. You finished our session on a positive note with an action plan for me." -- CR, San Francisco

"The drawing you did for me really touched me. It brought me to tears." - LC

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Your Instructor and Coach

Christi Corradi believes each one of us has a masterpiece within us, a unique creativity we have been given, and that it is both our profound privilege and our greatest responsibility to bring that masterpiece into the world.

Christi has worked with teens and adults to help them expand their horizons and reach their goals. Among her credentials, she is a Life Mastery Consultant, Life Coach and a certified DreamBuilder Coach. Christi has become a change agent for those who are seeking to transform their lives and find creative solutions in order to live the life they love. Whatever you are seeking, Christi can help you find the solution you’ve been searching for.