Wonder or Wander Southwest Retreat

a Meaningful Travel Adventure

to the Mystical Southwest

Wednesday, October 11 to

Friday October 20, 2023


Transformation through being and creating


Adventure and Exploring


Or a little bit of both

Traveling with Mastering the Art of Life

Mastering the Art of Life (MAoL) Travel programs provide the opportunities to connect with your inner self through exploring the world. Whether it is through painting, writing, or immersing yourself in nature, we can customize the activities that bring you the greatest joy. Traveling with a group of like-minded people with varied interests, each one of you you will have time to breathe and connect with your own inner guidance.

Wonder and Wander Retreats are led by Christi Corradi through Mastering the Art of Life, along with her husband and adult children. Christi provides the Wonder. Her husband and adult son provide the Wander aspect. 

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Christi Corradi

Traveling allows you to move away from the distractions of daily life, and to see through new eyes as you take in your new surroundings. It can be a catalyst to going within and expand your perspective.

Traveling with MAoL can provide this catalyst through various activities for slowing down:  painting, writing, thinking, and sharing deep conversation. These activities, done mindfully, give you an opening into your own spirit.

We will be guided to places that are off the main path so we can avoid crowds and see the sights from a different perspective.


When you remove yourself from your common environment, and especially your routines, inspiration follows.

This is a slow paced trip, not just go, go, go. That is why not every moment is filled and we spend time at different locations, and choose to sometimes hike, write, or paint.
Painting slows us down and allows us to immerse into a very deep part of us and the nature around us. And then add the component of the awe of nature. For those interested in painting, there will be help from Christi and occasionally from a local Kanab painter.


When you immerse yourself in nature, it's more than a physical experience of a hike; it can be a deepening spiritual experience. Wander the towering majestic cliffs made of red Navajo sandstone, through the robust range of over 900 different plants, or stick your toes in the cool waters along the way.

Moderate to intense hiking opportunities. Take one of the many amazing local hikes through the red rocks surrounding Kanab. Kanab is surrounded by a variety of western geologic scenery ranging from coral pink cliffs and sand dunes, volcanic craters and lava flows to deep canyons, majestic mountains and plains.

Wandering off the beaten path in some of the most beautiful environs can slow you down and touch that deep, inner part of yourself.


Wonder and Wander activities are interchangeable. The itinerary shows the type of each event and its availability level.

Tour Dates​:

October 11-20, 2023

A message from Christi Corradi, travel director, through Mastering the Art of Life

I invite you to experience what I have discovered is the true meaning of The Sweet Life.


This trip to the southern tip of Utah is the gateway to the National Parks.

Included Day Trips: Zion, Slot Canyon and other wilderness destinations in the Kanab area.


Optional Day Trips to Bryce Canyon and North Rim of the Grand Canyon for an additional fee.

In a world myriad as ours, the gaze is a singular act:

to look at something is to fill your whole life with it, if only briefly. -- Ocean Vuong

Kanab: A Stunningly Magical Locale

Kanab area

The town of Kanab is surrounded by a variety of western geologic scenery ranging from coral pink cliffs and sand dunes, volcanic craters and lava flows that created deep canyons, majestic mountains, and plains. The natural beauty and consistently good weather of the Kanab, Utah area has made it a popular place to visit. Kanab is a scenic tourist town with a friendly western spirit hosting the “Old West” quality of life. It is also the inspiration for the scenery in the animation movie “Cars”

Come discover the Sweet Life within yourself!

The best weather in this area is generally October, but as we know, weather varies.


To start our day we gather for breakfast, setting our intentions, purposely envisioning our day.

Although we may have different interests, we travel together, exploring our individual paths.

Then each evening we join in circle to share our insights of the day.

Throughout the week, Christi will offer times to come together for those who want to create miracles in their lives.

There will be opportunities to paint. Not a confident painter? There will be several opportunities to be guided in painting techniques. And you will always have support.

Buckskin Gulch
Yant Flats Candy Cliff
Sunset Steps
Ravens Heart Gallery

Tour Includes

Breakfast every day

3 Group Dinners and 1 Lunch

Art Reception

Visit to and service opportunity at World Famous Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.

Professional tour to Peekaboo Slot Canyon

Day trips to Zion, Slot Canyon, and other wilderness areas in the area.

Transportation provided for all scheduled activities.

Free time for shopping, spa treatments, and personal interests. We can help with arrangements and transportation for these activities.

Optional day trips on free days to 1) Bryce and the 2) North Rim of the Grand Canyon for an additional fee.

You will receive a copy of Beyond the Box by Christi Corradi and opportunities to explore life deepening concepts offered with Early Bird Offer and and during the trip.

Pre-Travel Activities

We will be doing several pre-trip meetings on Zoom for travelers.

Want to Know More?

Join us for the next Zoom meeting with photos and details about this trip.


Lodging is community-based in a cluster of townhomes with swimming, hot tubs, and a barbecue.

3 bedroom condos -

Double occupancy king, queen and twin - first come, first served. 

Single room and other amenities available at an additional cost. Contact Christi at Christi@Masteringtheartoflife.com

In the facility common areas, we'll have:

  • breakfast together (included)
  • occasional group barbecues (included)
  • occasional gatherings in the common area.
Outdoor dinner group

Cost Not Including Airfare

$2800 per person, double occupancy

Ready to reserve your spot?

Each traveler receives a copy of my book, Beyond the Box.

There will be occasional opportunities to explore the concepts in the book and directly look through our experiences to apply them.

Always at the core of all the work I do is to discover the Universal Laws and embody them more deeply. I have found that experiencing new things through travel sets the stage for inner discovery.

You are invited to enter at any level you choose. Honoring Your Creativity Within!

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What's Included

  • Transportation, to and from Las Vegas Airport, see the section called About Transportation to and From Kanab, below
  • lodging (note: extra charge for room upgrades when/if available)
  • all breakfasts
  • at least 3 group dinners - last night in Las Vegas
  • 1 picnic day or luncheon
  • all ground transportation during our tour
  • creative transformational experiences at several locations
  • tour packet: Upon registration each person will receive a confirmation letter, a full day-by day itinerary, and special information pertaining to destinations.
  • other specialty opportunities
  • a WhatsApp group where we can all post our photos.
  • a copy of my book, Beyond the Box; Creative Thinking Expanded

Any transportation not included in the outlined itinerary is at your own coast and no discount provided. See About Transportation to and From Kanab for info about transportation in Kanab.

What's NOT Included

  • Round trip airline tickets from your city of origin
  • Transportation to and from Kanab outside of guidelines below in About Transportation to and From Kanab Any transportation not included in the outlined itinerary is at your own cost and no discount provided.
  • You are on your own for all of your noon meals (lunches) except for our special picnic/luncheon, and all but three (3) group dinners. Please note that the cost of alcoholic beverages is NOT included in our meals.
  • Special opportunities may be offered at an extra charge
  • We, as your hosts, will provide tips for the drivers and tour guides. You may choose to give additional tips for services.
  • Travel insurance - required

Any transportation not included in the outlined itinerary is at your own cost and no discount provided. See About Transportation to and From Kanab for info about transportation in Kanab.


We provide transportation from the Las Vegas airport on October 11, and return to Las Vegas on October 19 for our final dinner together. Lodging and dinner included on October 19. We'll get you to the Las Vegas airport on October 20. Any transportation not outlined here (ie. If you flying out of a different airport or on a different date,) you will need to arrange your own transportation but no discounts provided.

Please talk with me before you book your flights.

If you would like to travel before and after, and meet us in Kanab, you are encouraged to do so! We cannot pick up from other locations or on other days, and there is no discount if you don't use our transportation from Las Vegas airport on October 11th.

Your Tour Leader

Christi Corradi portrait

Christi Corradi, Life Mastery Consultant & Art Therapist

Working in the arena of Personal Empowerment for three decades, Christi Corradi’s experience has culminated in her career as a Transformational Life Coach (LMC) and Art Therapist (ATR). Christi is a Life Mastery Consultant, certified through the Life Mastery Institute, and has worked over the last 6 years directly with Mary Morrissey. Her specialty is combining the elements of ART and LIFE to guide people to create a life they LOVE.

Through empowerment workshops, programs and tools, she helps participants to think outside the box and get un-stuck so they can create their life as a MASTERPIECE.

Christi is author of Beyond the Box; Creative Thinking Expanded and The Creative Way in Five Minutes a Day, a vision-driven program to awaken creative thinking with a daily practice. She  uses proven strategies that help stop self-doubt and fear, and develop personal faith, self-love, and confidence that will carry us toward bigger dreams and a more expansive business or personal life.

Christi has produced programs that included such notable speakers as Dr. Michael Beckwith (featured in The Secret) and Rickie Byars Beckwith, Rev. Edward Viljoen, international speaker and author of The Power of Meditation, as well as Dan Millman, author of Way of the Peaceful Warrior.

Christi has shared the stage with Mary Morrissey at her DreamBuilder Live event, and has spoken at business forums and spiritual centers throughout the United States and Canada.

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