The Mastering the Art of Life

Program is For You If...

You're ready to invest your time into creating lasting results.

You've tried on your own with sporadic results and you're ready for the support to truly transform your life.

You're ready to have your thoughts, beliefs and habits match the life you are meant to live.

You're ready to accelerate your results

From The Creative Way In 5 Minutes a Day by Christi Corradi:

Think about it! All we need to do is to change the objects (or ways of thinking, or past beliefs) and we can change the color of our lives.

The Mastering the Art of Life 1-Year Immersion

The Mastering the Art of Life 1-year Immersion program includes:

  • 53 weekly recorded lessons sent to your In Box
  • An online library of your recordings, workbooks, and bonuses
  • A workbook with notes on the weekly lessons
  • The Creative Way in 5 Minutes a Day 12-week workbook
  • Twice-monthly paradigm-busting group coaching calls with Christi
  • Recordings of each group coaching call
  • A private Facebook page
  • Email access to Christi
  • A Sketch Your Life Discovery Session
  • Bonuses along the way.

Mastering the Art of Life 1-Year V.I.P. Experience

Like to go First Class?

Accelerate your results in the Mastering the Art of Life 1-Year VIP Experience.

This premium program includes everything in the 1-Year Immersion program plus:

  • Hard copies of the 7 books we study
  • 2 additional VIP group coaching calls per month.
  • Quarterly private coaching session with Christi
  • 2 V.I.P. days with Christi
  • Free attendance to 1-day workshops we offer during the year
  • Significant discounts on tours, trips and other multi-day events

Mastering the Art of Life 1-Year V.I.P. program with Private Coaching

Not a fan of group calls?

If you are interested in private coaching throughout your 1-year V.I.P. Experience, you have that option as well.

In the Mastering the Art of Life V.I.P. Private Coaching option, you get everything in the V.I.P. Experience, plus:

  • Twice-monthly private coaching calls with Christi in place of the group coaching calls

Because of the commitment and depth of our work together, private coaching is only available with the V.I.P. Experience.


From The Creative Way In 5 Minutes a Day by Christi Corradi:

Another way to open our creative minds is to

break free of the expected or “true” colors of objects around us.

Here's What You Get

The Creative Way Coaching Program

Key Program Benefits:

  • DESIGN a vision for your life as a masterpiece
  • A proven method to begin designing your life as a masterpiece
  • Develop a daily practice to start your day from a creative place
  • Tap into the intuitive part of your mind
  • Enjoy the support of others on a similar journey

This program includes:

  • 12 weekly lessons on the Creative Way
  • 12-week Workbook: The Creative Way In 5 Minutes a Day
  • Notes to go with each lesson
cover art The Creative Way

The Paint Box

Key Program Benefits:

  • Create a life you love living
  • Develop a deep and reliable belief in yourself
  • Experience the vitality of your life as a masterpiece
  • Enjoy the support of others on a similar journey


This program includes 4 weekly recordings on:

  • You Squared
  • The Code to a Freer Fuller Life
  • Genius Is Your Birthright
  • A workbook for the program


Creative Mastery

Key Program Benefits

  • A six-month deep dive into the invisible laws that govern us all.
  • Learn to use these laws to create your life as a Masterpiece!
  • AND have the accountability to see that you manifest your dreams.


Program Includes 6 months of weekly lessons including:

  • Working with the Law
  • Your Invisible Power
  • Think and Grow Rich
  • The Power of Decision
  • Workbook for each program




Creative Mastery icon
Christi Corradi photo

Twice-Monthly Paradigm-Busting Group Calls

24 Calls during the 12-month program

Choose PRIVATE or GROUP coaching calls with Christi, and be prepared to be transformed!

In these hour-long coaching calls Christi does LASER COACHING, where she lasers in on a question, roadblock or concern that you have, and coaches you toward a freer fuller expanded way of thinking, seeing and being, busting the paradigms that stand in the way of the life you want.

You get a recording of each call so you can listen again for those powerful morsels of wisdom that speak deeply to you.

Private Facebook Group

Our private Facebook group is a great place to interact with your fellow Creative Thinkers, find inspiration, get motivation, share roadblocks and celebrate successes.


Email Access to Christi

During your program, if you have a technical or coaching question, you can email her for additional support.

Home page hero shot of Christi in orange shirt facing front, paint brush pointing front, with multi-color paint swipe going to left

Sketch Your Life Session

A 30-minute one-on-one session with Christi to sketch out or clarify your personal vision of your life as a masterpiece.

It is the best way to determine where you are now, and where you want to be; to create the vision of your life as a Masterpiece!

This $250 value is yours when you join the Creative Way program!


Finger Painting: Manifesting the Creative Way

3 20-minute lessons from The Creative Way to get you started right away!

A great review of some key steps to creating the life you love:

Week 1Design: Point

Learn to use POINT to determine where you are now and where you want to go. Don’t know what that is? This is where you clarify that.


Week 2Critique: Form

Learn to use FORM to reveal how you have been limiting yourself and expand our current container for our life so you can live larger and better.


Week 3Create – Emphasis

Learn how to focus your attention with your words and thoughts in the direction of your intention so that your life shows up more how you want it to be.


FInger painting hands
Cat in flight

My Flying Leap

Listen to Christi's life-changing story.

Christi was at the top of a set of stairs. As she took that first step, suddenly a negative thought distracted her.

Suddenly, she was flying through the air, 8 feet off the ground. As the audience prepared to call an ambulance, Christi, still in mid-air, used the power of her thought to prevent serious injury.

Prosperity the Creative Way

An 8-minute video that can change how your think about prosperity.

Learn 3 practical tools to experience more abundance in your life.

Hear Christi's kindergarten version of Quantum Physics, and how it relates to creating the life you LOVE!

Video and worksheet

Genie's lamp
Secret to Secret

The Secret to the Secret

You've probably seen the movie The Secret.

It's about the powerful Law of Attraction.

But it is not a primary Law. There's one that's more important and a prerequisite for the Law of Attraction.

A lesson about the invisible Law that makes the Law of Attraction work.

What can you expect?

One year of lessons, guidance and coaching to take your life from a blank canvas to creating your life as a Masterpiece!

Are you ready to Create Your Life As a Masterpiece?

Get started with a FREE Sketch-Your-Life session!

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