Mixed Media:

Magic and Meaning

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October 6, 2019


workshop participants
art box

Let the paint splatter

and the glitter shine!

Come PLAY your way

to Magic and Meaning!




Mixed Media Participants

Want to blissfully immerse yourself in juicy, playful, childlike creativity?


Playful creativity puts the inner critic in the waiting room, letting us enjoy true creativity.


This kind of creativity is incredibly fun... and it can also be healing.

Creative projects like the ones we’ll do in this playshop can surface insights and answers that have been locked in our subconscious - so we can benefit from them!

But mostly - It's PLAY!

mixed media play
Mixed Media participants at play

This Mixed Media Playshop will help you:

  • Banish your inner critic to the waiting room so you can enjoy true creativity.
  • Discover your next step in life.
  • Use an incredible array of mixed media art supplies & techniques.
  • Feel safe & supported by a warm community of craft makers.
  • Take home your gorgeous art pieces and a new relationship with meaning.

Cost: $97 Early Bird until day before event

$147 on day of event

Jan at mixed media playshop

I still have a smile pasted on my face from all the FUN we had!

-- Jan


"I had a blast! The message of the box: On the outside, it's OK, you love and nurture others. From the inside, Be soft with my self, be cozy, take time for myself, and enjoy beauty."

- Michele


"A simple box is a storehouse of ideas, thoughts, memories, visions and dreams. The outside is tantalizing with the possibilities and the inside can break open the secrets." 

-- Deb Meyers

Christi-multi-color paint splash

About Your Playshop Facilitator, Christi Corradi

Christi is no stranger to guiding others to transform their lives in amazing ways.

She LOVES guiding her clients to discover and express their own personal inner Masterpiece - the unique gift each one of us has - and sharing it with the world (even if it's "just" your family and friends.)
She's a paradigm-busting dynamo! And mostly, she wants it to be FUN!

Christi's business is called Mastering the Art of Life because she realized that the principles to create art are the same principles we can use to create an amazing life - a life that is a Masterpiece!

With more than 3 decades in personal growth, Christi is certified as a transformational life coach. She's also an artist and Registered Art Therapist who works with groups and individuals to use crafts and childlike play to uncover & heal hidden (subconscious) beliefs.


When she’s not helping you design your life as a masterpiece, you can find her dreaming up her next international trip, painting in her beautiful garden, or spending time with her husband and son.

Take the next step


Email me at Christi@MasteringTheArtOfLife.com

Christi paint splash to left