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My Flying Leap

How I survived - and thrived- a serious fall from the top of a staircase. Onlookers were sure I would need an ambulance.

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Want to take a GOOD leap for yourself?

Use a different part of your brain to find your own answers to get unstuck.

My unique process guides you to do just that. Clients are surprised, amazed, inspired.

It's called Intuitive Wisdom Drawing.

"I do the drawings. You have the breakthroughs."

Whether it concerns your work/retirement, your health, relationships (work, family, love) or your time/money freedom, this session accesses a different part of your brain for innovative solutions.

About Christi, Intuitive Artist, Author, Speaker

Intuitive Artist, Registered Art Therapist and Certified Life Mastery Consultant, Christi Corradi combines the wisdom of three decades in personal development with her creativity and intuition to help people discover and express their own personal masterpiece. She shares her joy and enthusiasm for living life to its fullest.

She is the author of The Creative Way in 5 Minutes a Day and Beyond the Box; Creative Thinking Expanded.

She creates intuitive drawings to help clients discover their own answers to get unstuck and follow their dreams.

Christi is a master at guiding others to transform their lives in amazing ways through her programs at Mastering the Art of Life.