Passport to Prosperity

4-hour workshop with vision and practicality

Determine Your Destination.

Define what Financial Freedom means to YOU.

Explore What Drives You

so that you can stay on track toward your goal.

Practical Exercises

Craft a budget that works for YOUR Financial Freedom.

Passport-United States of Abundance

A 4-hour interactive workshop with vision and practicality
to Guide You from Financial Struggle to Freedom

Explore 4 Visas for Your Personal Journey to Financial Freedom:

  • Define what Financial Prosperity and Freedom mean to YOU.
  • Determine your destination and use it as your personal GPS
  • Realize your Core Values so you can stay on course.
  • Explore your Resources for getting there.
  • Craft a Budget for YOUR Financial Freedom
  • Prepare for Arrival - Imagine your destination to employ all parts of your brain for making it so!

Saturday, August 18, 2018
10am - 1pm
Full Circle Studio, Central Santa Rosa

Maximum 12 participants

Bring your Financial numbers so that you can work on a budget during the workshop.

About Your Facilitator

Christi Corradi, Life Mastery Consultant, Art Therapist and Author of The Creative Way in 5 Minutes a Day and Creator of Transformational Tools for Success, is an international speaker and workshop facilitator who loves guiding people to the life of their dreams.

Christi speaking

Craft your personal GPS that will keep you on track toward your Financial Prosperity!

Realize the power of small daily action steps toward your goal!

Discover why you need to forget about HOW to get there.

Learn how to match the vibration of your financial prosperity!

Sarah, Yoga Instructor & Mom

Sarah became a Yoga Instructor in San Francisco, and her income doubled in the first year of working with Christi.

This work has really gotten back on track. I wake up again now and feel like I love my life. And I feel like I have my purpose back, and my direction. Which includes being a mom, but it’s more. It’s what I have to share with the world outside of being a mom and being a wife.

Melissa, Mom

Even if you just take the class and then you decide that it’s not for you, these are tools that you can take with you, and get into the habit of using these tools. And it’s a way of living now. It’s not just ‘Oh, I took the class and it was great while I was taking the class.’ It’s a continuance. It’s TOOLS.


Dr. Christi, as I now call her, helped me believe in myself. I have loving supportive people in my life but they didn’t have that key that would help me let go of my self defeating mindset. Dr. Christi was able to reach that area inside of me that kept me safe  yet stuck. Somehow I trusted her enough to say everything inside and get it out of my psyche.

She taught me to think big, feel I deserved what I wanted .. and  gave me tools to use.

- Jody

"The class has guided me along a path to appreciate and direct myself in a meaningful way every day. I no longer feel stuck sitting on the sidelines waiting for things to change. I now effortlessly dance through my life able to direct and change things as I choose. I now have the tools to explore the passions in my life and orchestrate them in such a way that not only benefits me but everyone around me! "

- Melissa C

Before I started working with Christi, I was very unsure of myself, fearful, not believing in myself, and had very low self-esteem. After working with Christi, I feel so much more self-confidence. She has given me tools to use on my own. I feel that I can accomplish so much more than before.

Working with her, I was able to write a vision of my dream life, and I’m seeing it happen. I’ve gotten my class outline together. Christi has pushed me to believe in myself and know I can do it.”

-- Ana

footsteps to financial freedom

Saturday, August 18, 2018

10:00 am - 1:00 pm


Central Santa Rosa