Beyond the Box 4-week Video Course


Reset unproductive behavior patterns.

Transcend self-sabotage.

Create and empower yourself with bullet-proof confidence.

A deep dive to go beyond the “Box” of your life.

4 video lessons with the author of Beyond the Box: Creative Thinking Expanded

  • Digital copy of the book
  • Video and audio recordings
  • Workbook
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What is the Box?

You’ve heard of out-of-the-box thinking. Go beyond that.

Do you ever feel like you’re trudging up a steep hill in your life?

Do you ever wish you could have magical tools and insights on how to make that trek a lot easier? So many people are scared of magical thinking, but come to this intro class and discover it isn’t so impossible.

In this 4-session class, you’ll get some golden nuggets of practical, supportive and foundational tools that work like magic. When you discover how to use my book, Beyond the Box; Creative Thinking Expanded, it is like a guide to Alchemy. And guess what! With this knowledge you will open and transform your life to expanded possibilities!Insights and inspiration from the book

Don’t just think outside the box. Learn how to live BEYOND the box! Learn to create your own box, or better yet, throw out the box and create a limitless new way to think about what’s possible in your world!


What is the Book and the class about?

Perspective-Balance-ValueBeyond the Box goes even further than out-of-the-box thinking.

Who created the box anyway? It is one of the very hidden and underlying paradigms from which we operate. There are perceived protocols of how to be, who to become, and what rules to live by.

I share a concept I call Creative Thinking Expanded.

If you look up the definition of Creative Thinking, it means “to think thoughts you have never thought before.”

Creative Thinking Expanded is combining new ways of thinking – thoughts you haven’t thought before – and adding the Universal Laws, also called the Universal Principles.


What are Universal Principles?

These are the immutable laws that exist and run us even when we don’t know it. Just like the Laws of Physics they are invisible, gravity for example, yet we are always under the effect of them.

It is the same with Universal Law. Many people have heard of the Law of Attraction, especially from the book and the movie The Secret. It says that what we pay attention to we create.


How Many Universal Laws Are There?

There is only one Universal Law, but many different aspects of it, and we can learn from each aspect and apply them to our lives. The one Universal Law can be described as Oneness, Wholeness, or Love.

When we learn and apply these Principles to Creative Thinking, there is no box, there is no limitation, and we begin to create a life of expansion, joy, and fulfillment beyond our wildest dreams.


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