How to Change a Habit in 21 Days Video Course


Start changing that habit you’ve wanted to for so long!

Learn tools that will last a lifetime.

Break free of old thought patterns and habits.

Get 21 days of 5-minute videos with tools to change habits, so that you can start identifying and changing your thoughts, feelings and habits.

In order to break a habit, we need to change our habitual thoughts, feelings, our environment and our belief system.

  • Start changing the FEELINGS, FACTS and TRUTH that created our habits.
  • Start creating the life you would LOVE by changing unwanted habits.
  • 21 days to remind you to stay on track while learning these new tools.


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What You Get

You will receive 21 daily videos, about 5 minutes each, with tools to keep you on track as you learn how to change a habit in 21 days.

Each day, we will email you a video with a tool to show you how to change a habit. And we will provide a library of all the videos at the end of the 21 days.

You can find lots of information on how to change a habit, but this program gives you daily tools and support to keep you on track while you build that new habit “muscle”.

Start with an easy habit for practice as you learn these powerful tools that will last a lifetime. As you master them, use them to change more ingrained habits.


Your Coach for this program

Christi CorradiChristi Corradi has more than 3 decades in the personal development field. Christi is a Life Mastery Consultant and a registered Art Therapist. But don’t worry, she won’t make you draw in this program!

Christi uses proven strategies that help stop self-doubt and fear, and develop personal faith, self-love, and confidence that will carry us toward bigger dreams and a more expansive business or personal life.

Through empowerment workshops, programs and tools, she helps participants to think outside the box and get un-stuck so they can create their life as a MASTERPIECE.


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