Creative Way workbook 4 weeks


A daily practice to start your day from a creative place in you. Even if you think you aren’t creative.

4 week Workbook of The Creative Way In 5 Minutes a Day.

Bonus: 4 weekly recordings to accompany and enhance your experience with the workbook.

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A Unique and Powerful Program to Discover and Use Your Creative & Intuitive Nature

The Creative Way in 5 Minutes a Day Workbook is designed to begin and guide your day from the creative place in you.

Simple, expressive, inspirational tools will unleash your creativity, develop a creative practice, and unlock a systematic process that will move you forward in your quest for a life of discovery and wonder.

The Creative Way in 5 Minutes a Day helps you develop a creative practice that will assist you throughout the day

Each template uses images designed to support and nurture your creativity and expression. Using the Creative Way on a regular basis will teach you to extend your creative thinking to every project and situation in your life. Ultimately, this creative practice will allow you to walk through life in the Creative Way!

The Creative Way Workbook can be used at home for individually guided creative practice, or as part of your life coaching sessions. An enhanced course guiding you through the workbook is also available.

The Creative Way in 5 Minutes a Day 4-week Kit includes

  • 3 Creative Way in 5 Minutes a Day Workbook Part 1
  • Daily drawing suggestions
  • Inspirational guides for daily life
  • Weekly themes
  • A set of PrismaColor™ pencils


Order the 4-week Creative Way workbook!

BONUS: 4 weekly recordings for the first 4 weeks!





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