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Interrupt your own negative thinking by pressing the Excuse Me! button to randomly play 1 of 4 snippets from the song “Excuse Me!”

Buy the Button and get a free download of the whole song!

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Use the Excuse Me! Button to upgrade your old mental apps!

The fun, simple tool to change mental habits… 4success!


The Excuse Me! Button is a fun, simple tool to interrupt thinking that limits your success, and replace it with empowering thoughts to help you soar!

That desire in you is your longing to experience and freer, fuller life! Go for it!

Karen’s Story

Karen Joyce, previous business partner of Mary Morrissey, and transformational teacher and speaker, was on her morning walk. Her mind shatter starting saying “who are you to think you can…” and she stopped that thinking in a moment by saying “Excuse Me! I interrupt this message with a broadcast from my soul. See, I am a child of God and I deserve to have everything I want.”

Irene Boggs, singer/songwriter of Afirmajams turned it into a song. And now you can have a tool to help you throughout the day.

Use the Excuse Me! button to get yourself out of a mental rut!

When you notice thoughts creeping in that tell you “I can’t…” just press the ExcuseMe! button(TM) and hear one of the 4 phrases to interrupt that thought. This gives you a moment to pause and remember that “I can!” That desire in you is your longing to experience and freer, fuller life! Go for it!


The Excuse Me! Button includes:

  • Excuse Me! Button

  • Instructions

  • Free download of the song Excuse Me! by Irene Boggs

Song and song clips copyright Irene Boggs.



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