Finger Painting: Manifesting the Creative Way

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a 3-week introduction to the Creative Way by the author.

Each week, learn about one of the tools from the 3 phases that are necessary to create your life as a Masterpiece:

Design – Critique – Create

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Three 20-minute lessons with Christi Corradi, creator of the Creative Way coaching program.

Each lesson teaches a tool to create your life as a Masterpiece.


Week 1Design: Point

Learn to use POINT to determine where you are now and where you want to go. Don’t know what that is? This is where you clarify that.


Week 2Critique: Form

Learn to use FORM to reveal how you have been limiting yourself and expand our current container for our life so you can live larger and better.


Week 3Create – Emphasis

Learn how to focus your attention with your words and thoughts in the direction of your intention so that your life shows up more how you want it to be.




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