Mastering the Art of Life Programs

Start Living the Life of Your Dreams!

Learn the SECRETS of how to DESIGN the life you want,

CRITIQUE what's in the way, and

CREATE your life as a Masterpiece!

Introductory Session

If you've been struggling on your own to make progress toward the life you want to live, this 30 minute session can help catapult you in the right direction.

As we talk, I create an Intuitive Drawing as you discuss one problem in your life, work, health, relationship or time/money. Then I shows you the image and help you  find your answers in it. If you go on to do the powerful 4 pack of sessions with me, I will apply the $27 to the balance.

Want to check out this process out and get to know me a bit before you decide on working with me? Let me offer you a 30 minute session for just $27 to check it out.

In this session, I will explore with you something you would like to have an answer to, or that you are struggling with. This session alone can help catapult you in the right direction.

Intuitive Wisdom Sessions

See inside yourself with crystal clarity with this new way to tap into your inner knowing so you can get unstuck from whatever it is that’s holding you back.

This unique process — equal parts intuition, creativity, and connection — opens you up and helps you live your life as a Masterpiece! I do the drawing, YOU find the insights.

More Time-Money Freedom

Pose a problem or concern and receive a custom drawing and guidance to discover steps and solutions from your image. This process is evocative in nature so you will be creating your own answers. You'll also have an opportunity for other participants to comment if you choose.

Here's What You Get

Introductory Intuitive Wisdom Session

$97 one-time only
  • One-time 30 minute mini session to demonstrate the Intuitive Wisdom Session
  • Discuss a current problem as Christi draws a CUSTOM intuitive image for you.
  • Look at the drawing to gain YOUR OWN insights and answers.
  • Get Christi's expert coaching on what might be your next step.
  • Digital copy of your image emailed to you
  • See if you like working with Christi

Intuitive Wisdom Session 4-pack

  • 4 Deep, powerful, FUN 60-minute sessions including:
  • • 1 Custom Life Design Drawing by Christi
  • • 2 Roadblock-busting Custom Sessions
  • • 1 Custom Next Steps session to get you on your way
  • Each session builds on the previous ones to dive deep into your answers.
  • Digital copies of each drawing emailed to you
  • Invitation to our Private Facebook group
  • Email access to Christi

More Time Money Freedom MasterMind

$200 per month
  • Attend one or more sessions - You choose!
  • Pose a current problem or concern to the group
  • Receive a CUSTOM Intuitive Wisdom Drawing from Christi for your problem.
  • Get Christi's guidance to gleen your own answers from the drawing.
  • Hear additional insights from the MasterMind group.
  • Get a digitial copy of the drawing for further reflection

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