The Creative Way

The essential basic way to design your life as a Masterpiece!

a 3 month program

  • DESIGN a vision for your life as a masterpiece
  • A proven method to begin designing your life as a masterpiece
  • Develop a daily practice to start your day from a creative place
  • Tap into the intuitive part of your mind
  • Enjoy the support of others on a similar journey

Mastering the Art of Life

Your best investment with the biggest discount.

A 1-Year Program to Create Your Life As a Work of Art - a Masterpiece!

DESIGN with the Creative Way 3-month program

CRITIQUE with The Paint Box 14-week program

CREATE with the Creative Mastery Program 6-month program

21 daily 5-minute videos to help you change a habit you choose.

80 minute sessions in my Santa Rosa studio to create YOUR life as a work of art!

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