Ceremonies at sacred sites & creative play in this mystical and beautiful land.

Experience deep connection within yourself

Scottish Isles

Enjoy the outer beauty of Scotland.

Let it invoke the wisdom of the sacred world within.

Glasgow, Iona, Isle of Skye

Isle of Lewis - including the Standing Stones of Callanish, Inverness,

plus side tours and options for creativity and singing.

Tour Dates

July 7 - 17, 2019

Let the ancient mysteries capitvate you.

Step into the rugged magical Scotland.

Experience Mischevious laughter from the wee ones,

music carried in the silence of the wind, and the

quiet power of ancient wisdom.

Traveling with Christi Corradi and Claire Victor lends itself to sacred ceremonies, creative moments and occasional unexpected opportunities, that will open you to experiencing the thin veil between us and the unknown.

Experience the beauty of the Scottish culture and the Spirit of Celtic traditions

Mystery and Sacred Ceremony

Isle of Skye, Scotland

Art and Soul on Scottish Isles

As we take in the mystery of  the outer beauty of the land, we allow it to invoke the wisdom of the sacred world within.

​Enjoy the mystical essence of Scotland, its culture, history and music.

Through connection with the Spirit of the land, the music, the stories and the Celtic earth itself, we capture the sacred essence in our journey.

Self exploration

Bonding with our creative nature

Healing of our planet.

Experience the beauty of the Scottish culture and the Spirit of Celtic traditions found in its folklore and music! We'll be traveling to Scottish Isles renowned the world over for their stunning beauty and charm.

People often say that traveling through Scotland is like stepping back in time to a land steeped in rich culture, history and spirituality; a less rushed lifestyle in a magical setting.

Allow this trip to make a mystical imprint on your life.

Callinish Scotland
Christi drawing

Opportunites for Creative Expression

Process-oriented art experiences

throughout our time

to deepen your experience

with Christi Corradi.

No Art Experience ?  That's even better!


We won't make you get up at 7am - for excursions or travel! But we have at least one staff member who would be glad to do early morning or late night side trips.

More information coming soon.




Emminent Fairy Pools Scotland
Callinish Scotland

Sacred Scotland

  • Glasgow, Iona, Isle of Skye

  • Isle of Lewis - including the Standing Stones of Callanish, and Inverness

  • side tours and options for creativity and singing.

  • Ceremonies at sacred sites

  • Creative play

  • Deeper connection within yourself

  • Visit parts of Scotland most people don’t see.

  • Hiking and history with locals

Ease and Comfort

Comfy double-occupancy rooms

Single occupancy rooms available.


We'll have a comfortable van with a professional driver.


And a 2nd van for our luggage for most of the trip, and to do after-hours side trips.

similar to luggage van
Hotel in Iona
Deck at hotel on Iona
Ferry to Iona
Neist Point Isle of Skye Scotland

The Cost

Estimated Cost:

$4,500 per person double occupancy

Single rooms available for an additional cost.

Does not include airfare.

Includes all breakfasts & 6 dinners.


Reserve your spot with a $500 deposit

Fully refundable until March 1, 2019.

If we cancel the trip, your full deposit will be refunded.

Payment plans available.

When to Book Your Flight

Please don't book your airplane tickets yet.

We reserve the right to cancel the trip up through March 1, 2019.

Please don't book your flight until you receive a confirmation from us that we have met the minimum number of people, and the trip is a "go"!

We will contact you to let you know when you can book your flight.


Paper airplane in airplane window

What's Included?

Opening Reception

Land transportation and ferry crossings

Breakfast each day

6 dinners

Closing Celebration Dinner

Sacred Ceremonies with Claire Victor

Process-oriented art experiences

All art supplies included and available throughout the retreat.

What's not included?


Lunches and some dinners

Special optional tours


Watch a Video About Where We'll Go

Your Facilitators

Christi Corradi, Tour Director and Creative Guide

Working in the arena of Personal Empowerment for three decades, Christi Corradi’s experience has culminated in her career as a Transformational Life Coach (LMC) and Art Therapist (ATR). Christi is a Life Mastery Consultant, certified through the Life Mastery Institute, and has worked over the last 6 years directly with Mary Morrissey. Her specialty is combining the elements of ART and LIFE to guide people to create a life they LOVE.

Through empowerment workshops, programs and tools, she helps participants to think outside the box and get un-stuck so they can create their life as a MASTERPIECE.

Christi is author of “The Creative Way in Five Minutes a Day” a vision-driven program to awaken creative thinking with a daily practice. She  uses proven strategies that help stop self-doubt and fear, and develop personal faith, self-love, and confidence that will carry us toward bigger dreams and a more expansive business or personal life.

Christi has produced programs that included such notable speakers as Dr. Michael Beckwith (featured in The Secret) and Rickie Byars Beckwith, Rev. Edward Viljoen, international speaker and author of The Power of Meditation, as well as Dan Millman, author of Way of the Peaceful Warrior.

Christi has shared the stage with Mary Morrissey at her DreamBuilder Live event, and has spoken at business forums and spiritual centers throughout the United States and Canada.

Claire Victor, Shamanic Sound Practitioner & Mystical Guide

"I believe we each have the power within to heal ourselves, and that all paths lead to self-discovery if that is our intention. We can learn to listen, see, and speak with a new intention of love." -- Claire Victor

As a life-long singer/songwriter, healing artist, music director and educator, Claire offers the expansiveness of her musical life path, mystical curiosity, and great creative passion to the work she does as a transformational life coach, shamanic sound practitioner and personal enrichment guide.

She has shared her powerful sound artistry at international sound healing conferences, concerts, workshops and ceremonies around the world. Claire studied sound healing technique under the guidance of Silvia Nakkach, Michael Stillwater, David Gibson, John Beaulieu, and other luminary artists. Exploring the world of Shamanism, and what she views as “non-ordinary reality”, she has worked with Michael Harner, Hank Wesselman, Nan Moss, David Cobin and others-including three years of clairvoyance training with Susan Feinbloom.

Claire leads sacred ceremonies to guide others into deep engagement with the elemental essence and power of the world around us. Inspired by the outer world, she offers “sound journeys”, visioning and meditation where one may explore the inner landscape and listen to the voice of wisdom within. She invites us to experience personal empowerment, realignment, and restorative time in that place inside, where healing happens.

Frequently Asked Questions

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