"Be willing to make a radical departure from habitual thinking."

-- Christi Corradi

Christi Makes It Easy for You to Host Her

Christi makes it easy for you because she:

  • Experience speaking on stage, podcasts, interviews, social media, and more.
  • Can do interview style or Keynote Presentation
  • Can adjust to the time frame you give her.
  • Can provide a list of possible interview questions for your review.
  • Happy to work with host to shape the talk/ episode/ topics covered to suit your audience
  • Can spontaneously improvise clearly and easily based on your questions.
  • Works with you to provide resources you need for her appearance.

What Christi Can Bring to Your Audience

  • An upbeat, inspirational style
  • A way to access another part of your brain to find answers
  • A unique perspective on how to break through roadblocks

What Christi Can Bring to Your Audience

An Impromptu Interview

Love Your Business Enough to Change It

Christi Corradi – Dynamic and Inspirational Speaker

Christi is all about creating a life the life you would LOVE to live.

Christi is all about guiding people to access the creative part of their brain to uncover and breakthrough what's been holding them back from the life they would LOVE to live... to master the art of their life.

With 4 decades in this area, Christi has:

  • Authored Beyond the Box; Creative Thinking Expanded, a step-by-step guide to breaking through limitations to create the life you would love. Expand your thinking to expand and uplift your experience of life!
  • Authored The Creative Way in 5 Minutes a Day, a vision-driven program to awaken creative thinking, along with a daily practice guide
  • Created Tools 4Success, Tangible Tools for Transformation

Christi has shared the stage with Mary Morrissey and many other spiritual & personal development thought leaders. She has spoken at business forums and spiritual centers throughout the country, in Canada and France.

Christi delights audiences with her insight, her inspiration and her practical strategies that people can apply immediately so that they can live the life they would LOVE to live.


Inspirational and Informative Talk Topics Include:


Expand Your Thinking, Expand Your Life

How to Move Beyond Limitations

You can change your job. You can change your relationship. You can change your health routine. But if you don't change things inside you at the core level, you end up right back where you were. Has that ever happened to you? Changing your circumstances will only provide temporary results. Learn the secrets of how to break out of the rut and live beyond your current limits.

Love Your Business Enough to Change

Strategies to Uplift and Expand Your Possibilities

Looking for a title for your program, book or product? Trying to figure out new ways to reach your tribe? Learn a new way to access a different part of your brain to get the answers from your own intuition. Then learn the secrets of how to break out of your previous limits to a life of your dreams - a life and a business beyond the "box".

Will You Live 90 Years or One Year 90 Times?

How to Live Your Best Life EVERY Year

Are you living in your own personal Groundhog Day? Is your life the same now as it was a year ago? Learn tools to live beyond the box. Your own life, not the life you were told to live. 90% of your thoughts are recycled - you got them from someone else, and you bought into it hook, line and sinker. And now they run you even though you don't realize it. Learn how you can create your own set of beliefs that allow you freedom and creativity of your own.


Christi's Background

Working in the arena of Personal Empowerment for three decades, Christi Corradi’s experience has culminated in her career as a Life Mastery Consultant (LMC) and Art Therapist (ATR).

Christi produced programs including Dr. Michael Beckwith (featured in the Secret) and Rickie Byars Beckwith, Rev. Edward Viljoen, international speaker and author, and Dan Millman, author of The Way of the Peaceful Warrior.

She is certified through the Life Mastery Institute and worked for 6 years directly with Mary Morrissey, one of the world’s premiere leaders in the human potential movement and the founder of the institute.

As a Life Mastery Consultant, Christi provides inspirational talks, transformative workshops, and coaching programs using proven strategies that can stop the self-doubt and fear, and can develop personal faith, self-love, and confidence that will carry us toward bigger dreams and a more expansive life.

Just as learning how to use construction tools gives you the ability to build a home, a skyscraper, or cathedral, so too do Christi’s coaching, talks and tangible tools for success give people the ability to construct the life that they want most.

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Caterina Rando, Business Coach

Christi gave us an incredible class on how to increase your creativity to create your ideal life, how to solve challenges in your life through creativity and artistic expression. It was wonderful. It was amazing. It was healing. It was empowering. The ladies loved it! It's great for any events or retreats that you're doing, in addition to supporting your clients through creative expression.

Pam Sterling, Coaches On Fire

We live in an infinitely creative Universe. But Christi got an extra dose of creativity! Her program is amazing! It really is. Christi has such solid ground to stand on in terms of what she is bringing to people and what she's put together. The brilliance behind it is just amazing. It's extraordinary. The (intuitive) download she had of the elements of art and the elements of transformation is brilliant.

Rev. Lari Goold

Christi Corradi and I were Regional Youth Directors (for Centers for Spiritual Living) in the early 90s. We reconnected in Napa Valley recently. She has quite a few years of experience teaching Prosperity classes, DreamBuilder. She is a professional artist, and gave a fantastic Sunday talk and taught a workshop for us. She is an amazing person and a beautiful soul.

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