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Just a Splash

Short Introductions to See What It's About.

Dip your mental paintbrush and give it a try!

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Digital Audio Programs

Cover art-Balance Holidays

How to Balance the Holiday Season

Learn 3 Keys to finding and maintaining balance during the holiday season, even if it’s hectic.

Instant access to a recorded audio (MP3) lesson and worksheet

On sale for just $27 for 1 lesson

Physics of Freer Life cover art

The Physics of a Freer Fuller Life

Quantum Physics has proven that waves are effected by the observer. That means our thoughts do change waves. So how you think affects what you experience.

So what are you thinking about?

Get instant access to:

2 audio MP3 recordings with worksheets

2 lessons for $147

Finger Painting cover art

Finger Painting

a 3-week introduction to the Creative Way by the author.
Each week, learn about one of the tools from the 3 phases that are necessary to create your life as a Masterpiece:
Design – Critique – Create
3 weeks for $197

Science of Getting Rich cover art

The Science of Getting Rich

It's about being rich financially and so much more.

Instant access to

4 audio lessons based on the book - MP3 files

4 key chapters of the book - PDF files

4 weeks for $297