Stories of Miracle Manifestion

Stories of Miracle Manifesting

There's a system to manifesting miracles in your life. 

And you can learn to use it!

Join us to hear how I've manifested miracles all my life, and hear some of my clients share their stories.

Christi Corradi, Intuitive Artist and Guide




Christi Corradi takes a generous, heart-centered approach to life, embracing each day with gusto and passion, and living the principles she teaches. Seeing life as an expansive canvas for creativity, she loves helping people express their own personal masterpiece — the manifestation of the best version of themselves.

Through her life-transforming programs in Mastering The Art of Life, Christi guides others to harness Universal Laws in order to sustain positive personal change. She uses proven self-discovery methods that open you to your infinite potential, inner faith, and self-love, while stopping limiting self-doubt and fear.

Christi is AUTHOR of Beyond the Box; Creative Thinking Expanded and The Creative Way in 5 Minutes a Day. She is the creator of Tangible Tools 4Success that help break old habits and non-productive thinking patterns.

Christi brings more than three decades in the field of personal development as an Art Therapist, Certified Life Mastery Consultant, and award-winning Transformation Life Coach. She lives with her family in the San Francisco North Bay, and works with groups and individuals around the world. She also sells and exhibits her artwork.