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OSZ: Open Studio on Zoom

with Christi Corradi

What's TMF?


Want to break free from the trap of trading time for dollars?

Want to create the life or business you would love to live?

Want a feeling of more freedom in your life?

Do you know what's in the way?

How do you do that?

Power of the Mind

The Synchronicity of a MasterMind

Working in a group nurtures engagement. Hearing and witnessing group members’ stories fosters connection, and that is what this MasterMind is all about – connecting to ourselves and each other.

Each Session Gives You a Chance to Explore a Challenge or Circumstance in Your Life.

I draw the message you express from your soul during this process to reveal what’s in your way.  Focusing on a current concern, decision, or challenge, the final image will enable you to see how to move toward what you want in your life right now.


TMF on 4th Wednesday at 10:00 AM Pacific on:

Wednesday, June 26
Wednesday, ​July 24

OSZ 2nd Wednesday at 3:00 PM Pacific on:

Wednesday, July 9
Wednesday, ​August 13

The First 4 People to Register Each Month Will Be Spotlighted to Solve a Current Challenge

Of course, I'll check with you that you want to do that.

Spotlight Participants will have the opportunity to explore a current challenge or circumstance in their life or their business.

I draw the message you express from your soul during this process to reveal what’s in your way.  Focusing on a current concern, decision, or challenge, the final image will enable you to see how to move toward what you want in your life right now.

TMF IWD group image

The Drawing

As you talk, I deeply listen and, using my intuitive wisdom, to draw a custom image that is unique to you.

When the drawing is complete, I will show it to you on camera. This is when you’ll look at the image and let it speak to you to reveal the secrets hidden from you up until now.


I guide you through the entire process by clarifying what you want to explore and discovering more meaning in what you are telling me, to help you go deeper.

As you talk about what the drawing reveals to you, I will ask you questions along the way to help you discover more insights from your drawing.

If a picture is worth a thousand words and every picture tells a story - What will your Intuitive Wisdom Drawing (IWD) reveal?

Note: I am a professional artist. The images I create are copyrighted. Your image is for your personal use only and is not for any public use without my permission. You must credit me (© Christi Corradi  -

Optional - Get input from the Group

If you choose, you can get constructive feedback from the group--

What they see in the image, or what their intuition has to say for you.

Feedback is not to be judgmental or comparative, but rather from the heart.

TMF IWD images 2

What Happens in a More TMF MasterMind?


TMF IWD group image

“The best part of doing the MasterMind is that Christi gets us thinking and feeling about things that we just plow right through all day every day. It’s time for real self-care to focus on things to matter to us. The value in that is immeasurable. “ – Tracie Root, Founder of Gather Community


“As someone who really overthinks things, the slowing down of the MasterMind gives me Clarity. Seeing the drawing and how it transforms is wonderful.” – Shanon Sunderberg, Aromatics


TMF IWD group image 04-22


"When Christi showed me the drawing she created, I was immediately struck at how spot-on it felt to me. I felt as if the answers I was looking for were right in the picture she had drawn. I felt listened to and at peace with my situation and I've revisited the drawing to meditate on it and use in my self-awareness practice."

Roberta Ryan, Business Coach

"Christi’s coaching and the image she created brought more understanding and awareness about an inner part of me that needed nurturing. As the image emerged of a skinny, odd-looking being I felt my heart open to her. Thank you, Christi. I appreciate your keen intuition and skills."


"Big big thanks for helping me dream! I'm so excited and filled with gratitude. Isn't this drawing stunning? It kept coming more and more to life as Christi kept drawing. Shining, glowing, calling. I can't wait for Joyful Family Camp to come true!"

Whether it's in the area of your work/retirement, your health, relationships (work, family, love) or your time/money freedom, these sessions accesses a different part of your brain for innovative solutions.

  • Design or refine an image of the life your would LOVE to live.
  • Define some steps to get your there.
  • Get the kinds of clearing and breakthrough you've wanted to get un-stuck.

Your Facilitator and Guide, Christi Corradi

Christi Corradi full length

Christi loves giving inspirational talks and presentations for all kinds of groups.

She has shared the stage with Mary Morrissey at her DreamBuilder Live event and has spoken at business forums and spiritual centers throughout the country.

Christi produced programs including such notable speakers as Dr. Michael Beckwith (featured in The Secret) and Rickie Byars Beckwith, Rev. Edward Viljoen, international speaker and author of The Power of Meditation, and Dan Millman, author of Way of the Peaceful Warrior.

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