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What Is an Intuitive Wisdom Drawing (IWD)

IWD Life Design

Whether it concerns your work/retirement, your health, relationships (work, family, love) or your time/money freedom, this session accesses a different part of your brain for innovative solutions.

  • Design or refine an image of the life you would LOVE to live.
  • Find out what's in the way of you achieving your dreams
  • Define some steps to get your there.
  • Get the kinds of clearing and breakthrough you've wanted to get un-stuck.

During your sessions, we dive deep to get to the root of what’s going on. I create your custom images to discover/uncover the hidden things that have been in the way so you can finally have the results you desire and create lasting change in your life. Then we create action steps to help you follow through on bringing this life into reality.

I guide you through the entire process —

clarifying what you want to explore, drawing out of you more about what you are telling me, and helping you go deeper.

As you talk about what the drawing reveals to you, I will ask you questions along the way to help you discover more insights from your drawing.

At the end of the session, you decide what you want next.

I will email you a high quality digital image of your drawing(s).

You may print it out on your color printer or have it reproduced for a higher quality.

IWD sketch 1
Begining to scribble

An IWD session begins with you naming a dream, goal, or current problem/concern in your life. As we talk and unpack more of your circumstance and what you would like to change/achieve, I begin to create your drawing by scribbling.

Your drawing comes from my intuitive connection with you and begins to form into an image.



During this process, I may share the image with you and as we talk further, more will be revealed in the image. With my guidance the drawing continues to allow underlying beliefs and obstacles to come to the surface and a space for healing and solution also develops. This is where transformation begins.

IWD sketch 2
Sharing the image
IWD sketch 3
Completed image

It may seem like a very random process, but when you look at the drawing about halfway through the session, I’ll ask you questions about what you see. I’ll guide you to discover the message in the drawing.

You may identify small pieces of an image that you want to know more about. The information you discover can lead to the personal shift you’ve been looking for. Seeing the developed image from the smaller piece helps you experience your current situation on a much deeper level, especially when I reflect back to you your own inner knowing.

We finish the session by talking about how you can navigate or resolve the information you received. Plus, I’ll give you principles and tools to work with.

After the session, I send you a digital copy of the drawing to keep (sometimes with enhancements) so you can continue to draw insight. Your images will also chart your progress should you wish to work with me in a multi-session package.

IWD sketch 4 enhanced
Enhanced final drawing

More Finished IWDs

Intuitive Wisdom Drawing image
A Life Design Drawing
Intuitive Wisdom Drawing image
A Life Design Drawing
Intuitive Drawing for Kathy-triplet
A problem-solving drawing


The images I create for your are copyrighted. Your image is for your personal use, and is not for any public use without my permission. You may post it on social media as long as you credit me and provide the following link:

Your Intuitive Wisdom Drawing (IWD) Sessions

In your session, I draw the message from your soul. Then you are the one who looks at the drawing and taps into your true essence to discover your own guidance, your life design, or what is in the way of your success and how to move through it.


I guide you through a process of creating your life design of where you would like to be in 3-5 years. I draw an image to represent the feeling tone for your vision. This is the first step to making profound changes in your life.


If you would rather work on an immediate concern in your life, we can focus on that instead, and start to see how to move toward what you want in your life right now.

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Christi Corradi believes each one of us has a masterpiece within us, a unique creativity we have been given, and that it is both our profound privilege and our greatest responsibility to bring that masterpiece into the world.

Christi has worked with teens and adults to help them expand their horizons and reach their goals. Among her credentials, she is a Life Mastery Consultant, Life Coach and a certified Registered Art Therapist. Christi has become a change agent for those who are seeking to transform their lives and find creative solutions in order to live the life they love. Whatever you are seeking, Christi can help you find the solution you’ve been searching for.